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Continuing S@x Scandals Continue To Hammer Liberal Men, More Allegations

The sex scandals mania started when Trump was running for President and the Bilderberg gang decided we shouldn’t talk about the future or politics or social problems, no, we were to worry about SEX.  Nothing but SEX.  Too stupid to see that using the Clintons to wage this war on evil male sex, this was pushed harder and harder until Trump started showing up all the time with Clinton’s sex victims in tow.  The mainstream media was furious with him reminding everyone who the sex fiend is, they continued to double down and now all the vultures are coming down to eat the carcass of liberal sex obsessions.  Now, they want us all to stop looking at sex fiends and talking about them.

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Evil Professor Bonesteel Angry Because He Can’t Teach Child Rape/Torture/Murder ‘Art’

Seriously, this is the ‘artwork’ being taught to students at SAIC college in Chicago!  It is a VERY popular course!  Bus loads of creeps take this class about this creepy ‘artist’ who makes horrible pictures of naked little girls being tortured and raped.  This is like the ‘blood artists’ associated with the head of the DNC and Hillary. They are evil monsters who want to kill most humans in WWIII.  Meanwhile, students are revolting against this revolting ‘teacher’ because he shows revolting ‘artwork.’  I say, let me teach him about skinning animals and cutting off heads here on my mountain.  More fun for me.

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Painter Forging ‘Great Master’ Paintings Fools Even ‘Experts’

What is Art? – YouTube

‘Moriarty of the Old Master’ pulls off the art crime of the century: Market in crisis as experts warn £200m of paintings could be fakes painted with identical materials used in the past to make ‘art’ so that it is indistinguishable from art made by dead artists and art made from living artists.  You see, dead artists are more expensive than alive artists!  This is due to the fact, they cannot make ‘art’ anymore so it is a fabulous ‘collector’s item’ and not ‘art’.  ‘Fake’ means someone tries to tell people, art is by a dead artist but it isn’t really.

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USC ‘Art’ Graduate Students Resign After Administrators Lie To Them

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Confessions of a College Professor: Cheated by Admin, Entire First Year Class Resigns: higher education has become a looting expedition just like national defense.  People at the top of various schools and universities including public universities are paid ridiculous salaries and bonuses while professors vanish, replaced with cheap part-time labor and student fees and costs double each decade.  Trillions in debt are rapidly piling up as the looters seek more ways to stiff students.  The worst of this is total fraud: universities teaching trash!  And the graduate students at USC’s ‘fine arts’ (sic) school are being cheated totally since what they are learning is how to be non-artists.

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Adjunct Fired Suddenly After Comparing Job To ‘Being A Nigger On A Plantation’

​Majority of US college campuses becoming ‘no-free-speech’ zones …and this story is from Russian TV. Free speech? Not at four in five UK universities | Education | The Guardian which is hilarious because the Guardian has severe censorship aimed at preventing anyone from disputing ‘global warming’ ideology.  Censorship flourishes on both the left and the right as everyone is eager to silence anyone disputing anything with anybody.  Ideology is everything, disputes are resolved via suppression and destruction.


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