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Aso’s Pro-Nazi Pronouncements Don’t Make Any News In Zionist US Media Which Screams About Nazis

Recently, Aso who is #2 in Japan, made odious Nazi remarks whereby he admired Hitler.  Normally, when anyone does the ‘Nazi’ thing, the Jewish-owned media in the US goes nuts.  But far from publishing this news, the US media actively hid it from view and the US State Department, entirely run by AIPAC, didn’t say anything in public, either.  So I presume, it is OK with them all that a Japanese fascist can even openly admire Hitler and the US and Israeli fascists will remain silent due to their support of Japanese imperialist fascism. Continue reading


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Keyscore Kops: New NSA Documents Show Global Spying Capacity


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As the US military courts torment Mannings with a ridiculous sentence due to revealing how silly and inept the State Department is and how they cover up their messes by making everything ‘Secret’ we get, from Greenwald via the British leftist paper, the Guardian, another eye opener document, the XKeyscore presentation from 2008.

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