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Putin Winning In Syria Drives US Zionists Insane

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The graphs above from the NYT warmongering gang shows clearly that US airstrikes all of which were aimed at the government of Syria in support of invaders, peaked last summer and dropped like a rock when Putin entered the fray in support of the government of Syria. The US gives full, total military support to one of the nastiest and evilest regimes on earth, the Saudi royals.  They were installed by the Brits during WWI.  Europe and the US support this repressive, evil regime because of oil.  Syria, on the other hand, was quite liberal and free in comparison to Saudi Arabia where women have zero human rights and everyone is treated like animals by the corrupt owners of Saudi Arabia, the royal clan.


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Obama Will Continue Attacking Syria BUT Saudi Defense Minister Meets With Putin, Makes Deal

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There never were any ‘moderate rebels’.  In revolts, ‘moderates’ vanish quickly.  This fiction was used as an excuse to hide the reality which was, Israel wanted to eliminate all socialist Muslim leaders.  This stupid statement by Obama was made while he was clueless about serious diplomacy going on at furious levels…with PUTIN…undermining the entire US/NATO/Israel enterprise in Syria.

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US Falsely Accuses Russia Of Bombing Iran

Proof please? CNN claims Russian missiles crashed in Iran, Moscow refutes, US can’t confirm — RT News reports.  The warmongers who run our country no matter who is pretending to be ‘President’ have been pushing hard for the last three years to go to war with Putin because he made Russia much stronger.  The latest stupid accusations are collapsing due to Iran refusing to play this game…this goes under ‘duh!’

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US And EU Freak Out Over Million+ Muslim Invasion So They Attack Assad!

Had to go to the hospital again but now everything is OK except for dislocated shoulder and hurt ribs.  Ouch.  So I am on pain killers which is very annoying.


Today I can type again…sort of. I did too much firewood splitting and stacking this last week thinking I was healthy enough.  Some dear friends came over to help out and they told me after the hospital visit, I was not to do any more work this month.  Thanks to everyone.


Now on to the news: The US and EU are both tied up in knots over contradictory policies and rising tensions caused by the NATO push to overthrow all socialist Muslim governments.  The wars launched by the US has flooded Europe with over a million very angry Muslim males and a small handful of women and children who are the only ones shown in photos by the Bilderberg media owners

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NROL-39: The Evil Octopus Emblem Perfect For Bilderberg Gang Controlling US Citizens

NSA scary octopus

Top-secret government spy satellite launched into space with sinister cartoon octopus logo and boast that ‘Nothing Is Beyond Our Reach’ | Mail Online

The US military/spy organizations that serve our foreign masters who are known as the Global Elites loves to advertise this.  The Evil Octopus is a very apt image of this spy outfit.  Mossad and the CIA have to spy on everyone in order to make the rich bastards even richer.  Note how the Evil Octopus is crouching on the US.  This is because the US public is paying 100% for this monster that is oppressing us.  All its high, high cost is being piled up on our public debt bill.


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Putin More Popular Than Obama And Cameron And Netanyahu Is Coming To WH To Yell At Obama

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Americans doubt Obama’s effectiveness on Syria: note how Putin scores high and Assad scores higher than the British PM, Cameron.  The French guy who inserted himself is lower than all players in this game.  The awareness that the US and NATO are arming al Qaeda has slowly grown despite US media owners trying desperately to drive us into another war.  The funniest of all is how the GOP is slamming on the brakes and will cease funding our government.  To cover their AIPAC assets, they still will fund wars, just nothing for US citizens at home.

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Wonderful Pope Francis Attacks Military Industrial Complex! And Kerry Says Laws Are Too Much Bother

I have now decided that the new Pope is the diametric opposite of the old Nazi from Germany Pope:  Pope Francis speaks out against military-industrial complex in St. Peter’s Square  and the Pope thanks public for joining his Syria vigil  both stories mainly buried in the back pages of the warmongering Zionist media.  Oh, how they hate him now.If he keeps this up, I will have to tell my Catholic husband to go back to church again!  I hope this Pope also endorses women’s rights.  Then, I will love him.  Here is what he said:

The Pope said he wonders “if this war here or there is really a war, or is it a commercial war to sell these arms?”

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