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New Footage Shows Drone Attack On Venezuela’s Dictator and…Apple Attacks Infowars Openly

This leads to all sorts of the usual junk after assassination attempts.  Blame and counterblame…it may appear that some dissidents inside the military did this bombing because Maduro is systematically destroying Venezuela.  As is usual in politics, blame will be tossed everywhere and the CIA’s long history of doing this sort of thing remains an eternal problem.  Violent politics is always murkey.

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Yes, Individuals Or Small Groups Can Turn The Wheel Of History

Freedom! – Braveheart (9/9) Movie CLIP (1995) HD – YouTube


Every ‘shocking’ event and many a sudden turn of event, these can be due to the agencies of only one or a tiny handful of people.  This reality infuriates many people who think there always has to be some sort of grand conspiracy and multiple actors.  Always suspicious of the possibility of multiple actors, mobs have gone on the rampage after assassinations, etc. to seek out people to punish.  We call these ‘witch hunts’.  The absolute need to see conspiracy where there is something simpler is easy to psychologically understand for most people think they are helpless except when acting as a mob.  The carnage caused by this belief and emotional reaction is immense, such as WWI, for example, or the Nazis to give another hideous example.

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Democrats: Police Lives Don’t Matter—Many Shot In Dallas

NYC protesters chant for dead cops – YouTube What do we want? Dead cops, what do we want, dead cops now.


Minn. governor says race played role in fatal police shooting during traffic stop as the politicians continue attacking the police when: Right near where President Kennedy was shot and killed, four snipers murdered or injured a number of police officers at a Black Lives Matter anti-law and order demonstration.  It is now totally obvious what will happen next: angry voters will  flock to Trump’s defiant banner.  Obama’s tepid support of law and order is now on the front burner of most voters.  I am no longer organizing mass demonstrations like so many years ago. But I suspect many white voters and home owners will finally do this, this summer.


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Secret Service Slap On Wrists For All Trump Assassination Threats From Hispanics And Blacks

We’re Going To Kill Donald Trump – Says 3-Year-Old Mexican Girl Being Brainwashed by Her Parents – YouTube

When Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas, my ‘we have many secrets’ father, friend of Eisenhower and Goldwater, who grew to know and like Kennedy especially after the Cuban Missile Crisis when my father was one of the top advisors for that inside the White House and he wanted to flee the US.  Nixon hated my dad and harassed him until Nixon was caught in his own trap (hahaha) and my dad was then a science advisor/friend of Jimmy Carter.  So…I had to worry about my father being assassinated when I was still a child, and when Kennedy was killed, my father actually considered fleeing to Germany (instead, I went there).  We see today, people happily posting videos threatening to kill US leaders and Trump is a leader.  This is disgusting and very dangerous.  Makes my skin crawl.

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Immigration Pressure Concerns Many Native British Voters

▶ Peter Hitchens: Young should leave UK while they can, whole system rigged by political elite – YouTube

Like in the US as the Republicans swept the election kicking the Democrats out of power in both the Senate and the House of Representatives as well as many state governments, the left responded by doubling down on the very things that upset the majority of voters the most.  Clinging to the global warming plan to deindustrialize the rest of what is left of our once-mighty industrial base coupled with embracing and enabling many millions of illegal aliens on top of encouraging race wars…we have defeat visiting the British as well as the US liberals and they have no idea how out of step they now are and are determined to be as out of step as possible.

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Chechnya Terrorists Assassinated Putin Critic Because He Was ‘A Charlie Hebdo’ Supporter

After our leaders and rulers regurgitated agitprop garbage at Putin yet again, the details of the assassination in Moscow are coming out in full at last and it is all about Muslim fighters attacking liberals not Putin doing this at all.  The assassination was due, according to the killers themselves, Mr. Nemtsov supporting the Charlie Hebdo cartoons!  Conspiracy theorists who hate Putin are trying to figure out some scheme whereby he would hire these guys to do this and then capture them and have them confess so they can be executed: THIS IS INSANE as well as stupid.  Of course, Putin never hired them and they killed other Russia liberals in the past, these being again, blamed on Putin.

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CIA Expensive Study Discovers That Drone Assassinations Don’t Work At All

The Lord of the Rings – The Revelation Of the Ringwraiths – YouTube


Anyone with half a brain can see that a cowardly, ill-run assassination via robot program would be a political and military failure.  History is clear here: no one likes sneaky, secretive creeps!  Otherwise, Gollum would be the Hero.

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