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Both Pres. Kennedy Assassin And Dallas Cop Killer Were Military And Overseas

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Pictured: Micah Xavier Johnson, the 25-year-old Afghanistan Army veteran who shot 12 cops at Dallas protest, killing five, after saying ‘he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers’ in anger over Black Lives Matter.  This monster who went insane has a WHITE stepmother in Dallas who is a teacher!  This killer did his ambushes in the exact same neighborhood in Dallas where a previous one, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy.


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Snowden And Ellsberg Condemn Illicit US Secret Assassination Program That Kills Mainly Bystanders

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Snowden and Ellsberg hail leak of drone documents from new whistleblower as the shattering story of how our anti-Muslim wars of aggression are  waged overseas.  There are a number of elements of this ugly butchery which astonishes me.  One is the artwork: it looks like it was done by alien ant-creatures.  It makes the skin crawl.  Oddly done computer maps and weird text styles give me the shivers.  It reminds me of the Nazi documents that were ‘odd’ looking, too.  I have a German book of schizophrenic artwork done in hospitals there and this artwork looks quite similar. I don’t think the artists are insane (or perhaps are!) but rather, they distance themselves from the facts they are painting so coldly.

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Release Of 9/11 Report Redacts Everything Israel Special Forces Were Doing That Day: Mystery Of FL 11


Daily News: Ashcroft Can’t Explain Why He Flew Fed Jets Only Before 9/11

On 9/11, a jet nearly crashed into my house.  It flew very slow and very, very low over us and we could read the AA on the tail easily and I thought it was disabled.  As it turned over the Hudson Valley and headed due south, I tried to contact authorities to report this odd event.  This is the plane where the first death took place, it was a Mystery Man who was only later revealed to be an Israeli special forces agent.  This person is now at the center of a growing fight over redacted material about him and his role in everything.

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LAX Shooter: New World Order Rulers Tell Us He Is Insane And They Don’t Exist

LAX shooting: Congressman says suspected gunman planned ‘suicide’ mission: typically during periods of imperial violence, this comes back at home.  So the State then become more violent and the reaction gets more violent.  The same week yet another American citizen decides to attack the surveillance state at home, the US used an assassin drone to murder the head of the Pakistan Taliban and his associates: US Broke Vow of No Drone Strikes During Pak Talks which is how the US treated Native Americans who made treaties only to see these violated.

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Canada Terror Plot, Tea Party Loudon Family’s Reality TV Blunder And Chick-o-fil Assassin: Lots of Crazy People

Political terrorism grows out of radicalization.  There is a wide constellation for terrorist actions and left or right, religious or not, there are literally billions of excuses to commit acts of terrorism.  The freelance terror is different from state-sponsored terror and the stupidest creation in this regard is the US/NATO ‘War on Terror’ which involves state sponsored terror attacks against mainly Muslim civilians.  The ethnic/religious wars tearing apart areas once ruled by secular governments continues to get worse.  This is because the US endorses, funds and supports militarily, ethnic cleansing.  And the seeds for this destructive behavior are being sown in in the US where it is taking root.  Muslim and Christian fundamentalists are now battling over secularization of US society.  And both want more, not fewer firearms for this battle. Continue reading


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Death Stalks Us All: Assassins Are Assassinated

1944 French movie about a Devil's Hand.  The artist is being tempted by the Devil to make a bad deal so he can be rich and famous.

1944 French movie about a Devil’s Hand. The artist is being tempted by the Devil to make a bad deal so he can be rich and famous.

The US is in a spasm of bizarre killings due to a boomerang effect of our assassination wars.  Proof of this is obvious to even denialists today:  Chris Kyle, Author Of ‘American Sniper,’ Shot And Killed At Gun Range is a classic story, it makes one almost believe there is some sort of Libra-type running the Afterlife. Continue reading


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Death Stalks Us All And The US Is The Grim Reaper Worldwide

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau: Kindertotenlieder (Radio-Symphonie Berlin, Lorin Maazel, 1968) – YouTube

Lightning 1955 pt 2 running away from death

When I was less than six years old, Death stalked me and then whacked me directly and I died.  My heart stopped when I was hit by a rather large lightning bolt.  As a small child, I was intimately familiar with the Gates of Death and the Outer Darkness.  The adult response to this matter was, in my childhood eyes, totally queer.  They wanted me to disappear!  I was troublesome.  I asked questions about Life that they didn’t want to think about so they wanted me to vanish forever.  My relationship with Eternity, Infinity, the dire goddesses that rule Nature, comes directly from this childhood experience.  The world is a cruel place.  And Nature is dangerous yet beautiful.  And Death stalks all of us all the time, we are merely unaware of this living as if it doesn’t exist.  Even as we love to be entertained by Death.  But then, Death gets the last laugh, all of us die!  Every one of us! Continue reading


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