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Australian Nurses Will Be Punished By SJW Administrators If They Don’t Apologize To Patients For Being White

(3) Nurses to practice ‘Cultural Safety’ – YouTube


Authorities are denying that this new code will punish white nurses for not using the right words or being subservient enough with patients.  But we know that if any codes are put up, punishments including firing or even prison ends up being the tools to enforce murky thought crimes/language crimes a la 1984 tyranny.  The creators of this new law claim it isn’t a law, just a suggestion which is a lie.

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South Korea, Australia, Russian Central Banks Stop Bitcoin And Other Fake ‘Money’

The obvious scam of the bitcoin mania is finally forcing governments to intervene due to the dangers of an army of fools losing all the hoped-for loot in real money that the founders of this scam promised them.  When I was a child, I was very angry with the boy with the magic beans story, he foolishly sold a cow for a handful of beans and then climbed a vine to the heavens to find lots of loot but he had to kill the giant by making it fall to its death.  Well, as an adult, I see the wisdom of that story: the only way a person starting a scam can get rich is if they kill the authority system so they can keep the illicit, stolen goods.

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Another Muslim Terror Attack In Australia Today (Hidden News)



SUV Plows Into Christmas Shoppers in Melbourne, Australia; Over Dozen Injured, Driver and Passenger Arrested.  The article has very few facts but a picture tells a thousand words.  Readers in Australia knew right away what is going on so I will put up an extensive quote from the readers.  Most of our real news now comes from readers, not the news services.

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Sydney Australia Town Council Bans Synagogues From City Due To Fear Of Muslim Terrorists

Sen. Chuck Schumer Talks Tears Over Muslim Ban, White House Ties To Russia says they are the future of America!


Australia Bans Sydney Synagogue Over Islamist Attack Fears, Prompting Outrage Among Jewish Community.  This is rather funny news to me because the many, many, many Zionist Jews who own, run and work in the government and media, the Jewish leaders in Europe and America and Canada demanding we take in a million more Muslim males…are freaking out now because Sydney, Australia’s council doesn’t want any more Jews because the Muslim males might get angry and commit crimes!  HAHAHA.  Poor Chuckie Schumer, my Senator from Tel Aviv would faint if this happened in New York!

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Muslim London Mayor Claims No Money To Stop Terrorists

Piers Morgan Grills Sadiq Khan Over Jihadists in London – YouTube


There are people trying desperately to make the Muslim mayor of London look good when he is dangerous as well as stupid.  Now, angry people in England are seeing lots of news in the ‘working stiff’ media (not the BBC, of course) about how this mayor is spending more money and more cops to police people talking about Muslims in an angry way while cutting money for terror attacks!  Not to mention, the government of England lets jihadists run in and out when they please and on top of this, Muslim terrorists demand a ‘safe place’ in Australia to vent their rage and plot. Continue reading


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Global Warmists Worried About End Of Times Demand No More Vacuums And Tiny Houses For Us Peons

A reader here on my little blog has a funny Huffington Post story about global warmists who had their portraits taken showing how freaked out they are about it getting slightly warmer when things are definitely cooling down and may cool down very drastically in the next 50 years.  These ‘scientists’ are literally going insane.

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WWIII Looms: DNC Hopes Hispanics Flood US & Then Vote For Them, Global Warming Means No Vacuum Cleaners In EU, HAHAHA

From the Washington Post:  How demographics may whip the GOP…Even if the GOP wins the Senate this year, migration and the Latino vote could take it away in 2016.  I see this as gloating all over the liberal press.  The naked push to legalize illegal aliens so the Democrats can win elections is rather treasonous, I would suggest.  Why not import millions of voters for their party from other places?  Not China which is conservative, of course.  But then Hispanics tend to be conservatives, too.

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