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Ferguson, Baltimore and New York City: Black Male Thugs Shooting And Killing Anyone In Their Vicinity

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Thugs love to point out that cops shoot them.  But what about the victims of thugs?  Here is one from New York City.  A very young child.  Unlike the thug pictures used to promote the idea that they were sweet young men when shot by cops, using photos years ago instead of their mug shots, this is a real child who really was totally innocent killed by a black thug who believes that black lives do not matter at all.  And this philosophy of the Street has taken off like a rocket with black thugs shooting up all those cities where cops were told to stand down. What a surprise this is not.  I know very well after fighting crime in black neighborhoods in the past, stopping thugs is a violent, ugly business and I was not delicate or nice about it, either nor were anyone working with me.  We were tough, hard and persistent and we used muscle.  Liberals believe that being nice makes thugs nice.  Nope.  Never.


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Sandtown, Baltimore Received Vast Taxpayer Funding Before Riots

Sandtown  Baltimore

Baltimore saw riots as gangs ran amok and everyone is pointing fingers and the solutions are always the same: more money for these places and less police activity.  These places, far from being oppressed by cops tend to be the least patrolled and run by drug gangs who do not want police anywhere nearby for obvious reasons.  Sandtown was ground zero for the recent riots and looting.  The profound difference between black community leaders and white community leaders has to be addressed because this gives a clue as to why black neighborhoods are bad places to live or work.

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‘Freddie’ And His Fellow Gangsters Are Unemployable

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This is a screen shot of today’s New York Bilderberg Times.  The Times owners have been top Bilderberg gangsters for generations.  The top story is about ‘Freddie’ the cute guy with an arrest record a mile long who died while being transported by the cops after resisting arrest.  The NYT wonders how poor Freddie survived unemployment, poor health, violent crime (he WAS the ‘VIOLENT CRIME’ itself!) and incarceration which is the feeble tool used by society to remove Freddie and his buddies from the streets.

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Black Prosecutor Arrests Three Black And Three White Cops

EXCLUSIVE: The fact that three of the six officers charged in Freddie Gray death are black ‘shows this is not about race’, says family source which means both black and white cops are in dire danger of being punished if something happens when they do what is, at best, a very nasty sort of labor.  I suspect nationally, at least in black communities, police will, wholesale, go back to their 1970-1980 solution of letting the criminals run riot all the time in black communities.


This really happened!  I lived dead center in the middle of this and we had near zero police protection.  Call the cops, they come hours later even though the precinct in Brooklyn was literally just three short end blocks away, a mere five minute slow stroll.

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Baltimore Burned Last Night, US Liberal Media Pretends Riot Was Over

Wishful thinking:  The New York Times headline this morning is: Under Curfew, Baltimore Is Calm After Days of Unrest and the Washington Post dutifully echoes this: Curfew lifts after calmer night in Baltimore  so it appears that this latest looting expedition is done.


But go overseas and the news is different with pictures to prove it:  Baltimore Riots Continue Overnight With Looting, Fires, Dozens Arrested; Mayor On Defensive About Delays In City’s Response   International Business TimesViolence erupts for a second night in Baltimore: Defiant rioters face-off with three thousand police officers firing tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd to enforce city’s broken curfewBaltimore Riots: New Reports Of Looting Following Violent Clashes The Inquisitr News.

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