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Washington Post Zionists Fret About US Losing Power, CIA Frets About Levinson Spy On Iran Story


While utterly ignoring the economic collapse of the US as a powerful empire, an economic collapse caused by endless warmongering coupled with enriching bankers and other elites with the floating fiat currency/free trade regime, our yappers in DC are busy howling about how US power is declining.  Well…DUH!  Alas, they think this is due to a lack of more warmongering, more free trade and more money printing by the Bank of Israel gang who are taking over the Federal Reserve.

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Australia’s PM Loses Job Due To Imposing CO2 Taxes And US Cuts Military At Home While Expanding Abroad

The US continues to hammer citizens while expanding imperial power and spending abroad so Pentagon cuts are not going to reduce troops in Asia, Europe, Africa or close any bases whatsoever overseas…but slashing bases and troops at home?  Of course!  Also, Obama announced his global warming plans while the deep South and Midwest howl in rage, liberals worry about the South going underwater and the Midwest having droughts and worse, think this is the End of Humanity rather than something somewhat funny.  Gold continues to fall in value, screwing up the heads of gold bugs who thought it would rise forever and Israel greatly expands plans for ethnic cleansing with kisses from our Congress. Continue reading


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