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Bloomberg Wants To Run For Mayor Of The City Of London Corporation, The Heart Of The British Banking System


Michael Bloomberg reportedly ‘considering’ running for mayor of London: Bloomberg is a Bilderberg gangster and a Zionist.  Having one of these run the City of London is no surprise.  Dual/triple citizenship if you are a rich Jewish man is one of the perks they enjoy.  The average Brit or American is cajoled about patriotism while at the same time the Bilderberg gang has no borders.  Royals have no borders, too, they have property, namely, ‘nations’ are still, despite the appearance of Parliaments, in many countries, owned by royals.  Such as Saudi Arabia and of course, England.  Many of these countries owned by nobility are also bank tax evading schemes and this emphatically includes the City of London which isn’t the whole city but the key central part where the royals also live.

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Britain Announces Joint Russia/China/India Development Bank Venture: US Freaks Out

Screen shot 2015-03-13 at 12.26.12 PM

Diplomacy: Hu And Wen Roll Out Red Carpet For Putin

The US has become quite addicted to all the world trade flowing to the US while we pay for this via a massive mountain of trillions in debts.  Few people know this but ‘dollars’ and any paper money are actually DEBT promises.  Way back before the Great Depression, all paper money printed in the US had words to this sort, that first, paper money can be handed over for gold and then later, silver.  Then this was dumped after Nixon cut the metal connection to paper money and debt took off like a rocket.  As did inflation which the government fixed via letting in a flood of foreign exports which drove down prices somewhat.


Britain says in ‘national interest’ to join China-backed bank  because London is the banking center of the world and the Queen runs many offshore banks at various islands that swear fealty to her and the government of London, not the ‘country’ of Britain.   Immediately, the Obama administration hits out at UK after Britain signs up to $50bn Beijing bank :


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China #1 Banking Power, US Diplomacy Collapses In Eastern Ukraine As Putin Gives Out Goodies And Kiev Steals Stuff

The US and EU are super-anxious to paint Russia and China as evil nations that are doing nasty things while NATO runs around the planet doing very nasty things to people including invading and murdering millions.  The exceptionalism which the Bilderberg news media owners boast about is the double standard of diplomacy which says, ‘We can loot, kill and steal whatever we wish with no diplomacy while our opponents have to obey international laws and diplomatic niceties.’  This childish system of ‘me good/you naughty’ informs all of what our rulers do today.  Meanwhile, for the last ten years, our media owners have joined forces to tell everyone, China is stupid/collapsing/evil/doomed while China gets richer and richer and the US grows poorer and poorer.

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Yellen, No Surprise, Will Keep ZIRP Banking Going Despite Obvious Huge Inflation Surges

Federal Reserve cornucopia

A photo I took in DC showing the cornucopia of the Federal Reserve

Our elites have done various things over the years that created the present economic mess.  They did all these things in order to make themselves richer and more powerful but this process has destroyed the US economic base and many of our manufacturing cities lie in smoldering ruins today thanks to stupid policies.  It all began with the Vietnam War and politicians hiding the real cost of that war via printing money.  To do this, Nixon and Burns cut the gold standard.  To fix the following hyperinflation, free trade was instituted whereby the US now imports more and more manufactured goods, this in turn, killed our cities and laid waste to the working class that once manufactured goods.


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