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Britain Launches Gigantic Aircraft Carrier: The Sitting Duckie—Naval Power Dies In In Britain

New British aircraft carrier HMS Sitting Duck to be world’s second largest supercarrier – YouTube

Persuaded by desperate US demands that Europe not rely entirely on deep in debt US military to protect themselves, England has built and is now launching to big, fat aircraft carriers.  This is foolish:  Navy’s Big Weakness: Our Aircraft Carriers Are (Expensive) Defenseless Sitting Ducks since WWII.  The Japanese showed clear as crystal how one can stop these ships.  The Kamikaze attacks can now be done with robots.  During WWII, Russia showed how effective mass missile attacks can be with the Katyusha Rocket Launcher.  The US and England, once global naval powers, are in steep decline these days and this is due to various forces especially running deeper and deeper in the red in trade while running government deficits.  This one-two punch is fatal for any military empire striving to be a global power.  Yet the US and UK leaders still pretend they are all-powerful and can do as they please no matter what.  So both have decided to launch the beginning of WWIII with Russia.

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China Unveils New Improved Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Military Fighter Jet

Last three minutes of this news video shows the new jets flying to the Star Wars theme music.

Way back about a decade ago, the US and Boeing sold some jets to the Chinese military and leadership.  They took the planes apart and discovered they were riddled with spy devices.  I said back then, ‘China will turn to Russia and get better jets there.’  And lo and behold, they did do this and got some really spiffy jets.  Meanwhile, US allies get the F35 one of the most disastrous, expensive military jets in world history.

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Bloomberg Wants To Run For Mayor Of The City Of London Corporation, The Heart Of The British Banking System


Michael Bloomberg reportedly ‘considering’ running for mayor of London: Bloomberg is a Bilderberg gangster and a Zionist.  Having one of these run the City of London is no surprise.  Dual/triple citizenship if you are a rich Jewish man is one of the perks they enjoy.  The average Brit or American is cajoled about patriotism while at the same time the Bilderberg gang has no borders.  Royals have no borders, too, they have property, namely, ‘nations’ are still, despite the appearance of Parliaments, in many countries, owned by royals.  Such as Saudi Arabia and of course, England.  Many of these countries owned by nobility are also bank tax evading schemes and this emphatically includes the City of London which isn’t the whole city but the key central part where the royals also live.

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Increasingly Poor University Adjuncts Attempting Some Sort Of Fight To Survive Brutal Exploitation

The Great Sit-Down – Yesterday’s Witness in America – YouTube: the huge battles for unions which are now in ruins as is Detroit.


I grew up at various observatories, Yerkes in Wisconsin, Mt. McDonald in Texas, Kitt Peak, founded by  my dad in Tucson, Arizona, and various ones in California like Mt. Wilson.  In between we lived on or around various universities where my dad was usually the head of his department and all my dearest childhood friends nearly without exception were the children of professors.  None of us became professors.  The entire university system began breaking down around the time I was working on going into graduate school when my field was ruthlessly eliminated nearly simultaneously at all the universities even the biggest ones.  I, instead, became a builder and farmer as did a number of my friends.


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Time To Examine The Pink Housing Project In NYC To See How It Breeds Crime And Wastes Billions Of Taxpayer Money

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 11.22.16 AM

Ever since the new Democratic mayor took over NYC, shooting have proliferated in Brooklyn.  In the above map, the Pink Public Housing Projects in Queens where the police accidentally shot this black guy in a dark stairwell, there have been a cluster of three murders by gun on Linden Blvd near Ozone Park.  Dangers are proliferating and many of the people doing these crimes also are recipients of huge doses of public tax funded benefits.  The reward for taxpayers forking over billions and billions in aid to minority black/Hispanic communities is rewarded with crime waves and vandalism and of course, complaints about the police being nasty…in a very nasty world created by these recipients of public largess!


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Russia Is Winning War With NATO And Bankrupt US: Disastrous Diplomacy Drives US Destruction

Watch this celebration in Red Square in Moscow last May!  The Russians are very focused on regaining military espirit d’corps.  The EU troops, on the other hand, are mainly sloppy and dispirited.  The neocons who rule us are unable to explain away their utter diplomatic failure when they drove Russia into China’s arms.  Here is an editorial by a criminal neocon whining about all this and trying desperately to explain away this immense, historic alliance developing between Russia and China who share a HUGE border which is now safe.

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Retired General Bolger Turns On War On Terror, Claiming We Lost While GOP Congress Keeps War On Terror Going

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 8.52.37 AM

ACR Graphs | Project Ploughshares

The US is the world’s #1 warmongering nation, it spends the most on it military and it has bases in more countries than any other, by far, and it is going bankrupt rapidly.  Sinking in a sea of red ink, both government debt and trade deficit, the nation continues to act as if it can be violent forever and this is why Congress, especially the GOP side, has decided to continue this wild spending, elimination of Constitutional rights and global warmongering.  With huge encouragement from AIPAC and our ‘allies’ in Japan and Europe.  A retired general just wrote a book about our military failures, too bad he waited until he collected his paychecks for killing people.

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