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EU Banks Tremble And Tumble Downwards As Hillary Struggles Uphill

Hillary Laughs When Asked To Release Transcript Of Goldman Sachs Speeches – YouTube


Despite pouring bribes into the pockets of professional ‘politicians’ we have this election between a rich gambling/TV boss and a Bilderberg tool and so far, the gambling boss is ahead in the polls so the media is pulling out all stops to rig this election in favor of the woman whose entire life has been devoted to making secret speeches and deals with foreign entities as well as super rich Americans…Hillary Clinton.  Meanwhile, economic chaos is spreading thanks to a flood of illegal aliens pouring into Europe as well as our rulers demanding we go to war with both Russia and China at the same time which is insane.

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Russia And China Swiftly Building New Swift Banking System

Poor diplomatic choices leads to huge disasters.  The US has been on a course to crush Russia ever since Putin took over from the corrupt drunk, Yeltsin.  Slowly but surely, Putin is rebuilding Russia and this infuriates the neocons who are destroying the US.  So as our nation falls apart at the seams, we have rulers who are entirely focused on causing ethnic/religious warfare in Eastern Europe so they can make money in Russia via looting the place.

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America Is NOT The World’s #1 Economy, It Is The World’s #1 Red Ink Nation

deficits part of GNP relentlessly in the red for 40 years

Calculated Risk: U.S. Trade Deficit Graphs

The trade deficit as a percent of GDP is deep in the red.  It is wrecking our economy just like termites eat wood.  Ever see termite raddled wood?  It looks normal on the surface but is hollow and ruined and collapses when touched.  So is our economic system.  It floats along effortlessly only because foreign powers keep trading with us…so long as it is one-way trade!  Below is an article in an anti-free trade blog run by the ‘Alliance for American Manufacturing’ which is an organization I wish was effective but sadly, they also cannot bear to see the truth of our dire situation.  I assume, due to fear.


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‘Hottest Year Ever’ And ‘We Won’t Let You All Stop Immigrants!’ Are Today’s Bilderberg Junk News

The EU economy is going down in flames thanks to the boycott of Russia and Russia’s retaliation for the overthrow of an elected government the Bilderberg gang wanted out of power.  The cockeyed plan hatched by our richest leaders has backfired badly.  Control of the oil and gas in Eastern Ukraine is firmly in Russian hands now while Russia knows Europe needs their cheap fuel badly.  A big power station in England blew up and burned taking out over 3% of their electricity just as winter looms.

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Japan’s Devaluation Of Yen Leading To Mass Devaluations—US Stocks Crash

I noticed the other day that Abe went to Davos, Switzerland, to boast about how he fixed Japan’s economic problems via debasing the currency as much as possible thus enabling higher export profits with the US and EU.  For this devilish activity, he was applauded by the US State Department as ‘So Very Clever’.  Now, the chickens are all dropping dead in the roost as all trade currencies go plunging down, too.  The last 30 years of the US demanding that Japan and China make their currencies higher in value has collapsed as has the US stock market and other systems.


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Israel Finds Oil, Austerity Kills EU, Kraft Kills Cadbury Easter Eggs, And GOP Hates Gays

Random news today:  Israeli Gas Field Opens, Setting Stage for Energy Boom: well, now can we demand they pay their own way?  Are Jewish leaders in the US going to tolerate more mooching for US tax dollars when they can pay their own way?  Will Congress finally say no to ridiculous demands by AIPAC and foreign Jews?  Time will tell.  I doubt they will stop this gravy train they ride. Continue reading


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The US Treasury is now the sole capitalization entity in our dead banking system.  Sometimes, bankruptcy is healthy: it reveals all the defects and deceptions of deep in debt deadbeats, it finally clears the books of impossible to pay loans, and it allows the survivors to start over again.  The US banking system is nearly totally bankrupt.  And now, trying to save it, the US government is toying with going too deep into debt and thus, also going bankrupt.


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