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Basketball And Football Are All Very Much Like Southern Plantations Mainly Owned By Rich White Males, Many Are Jews

Commissioner Silver passes test with decisive Clippers action while Gosselin gushes: Silver draws bold line in sand on racial insensitivity with lifetime ban …which is hilarious because if you know anything about the gulf between the mainly black players in football and basketball and the owners, Donald Sterling isn’t hardly even slightly different from his army of clone twin owners.  Many of them have the identical same backgrounds, religion and beliefs.  This is why they are cracking down on one of their own because he was so offensive, he is causing all of the owners severe problems with their possessions.


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Rutgers Coach Abuse Scandal Grows As More Creeps Are Fired

I lived in New Jersey for a number of years and had college students live with us.  The recent scandal over the homophobic, violent rants of the Rutgers basketball coach is in line with other ongoing scandals in the NCAA and high schools that reveal the sadism and sexual dysfunction at the top of ‘athletics’.  Bullies run riot in our schools when they are coaches and they tend to be conservatives as well as lying bastards. Continue reading


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