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BBC Will Report Workers To Bosses If They Post Something The Bilderberg Rulers Don’t Like

Frank Fisher on Twitter: “BBC announces if you post content on its sites it doesn’t like, it will report you to your boss. Yes, seriously. 


The Bilderberg gang is shutting down the internet.  This attack on citizens is not being disputed because most politicians know better than to irritate our Real Rulers.  In England, for example, they will now prosecute anyone who ‘breaks the rules’ and the ‘rules’ are very vague.  Basically, like Germany is now run, you have zero civil rights.  I recently wrote about a 70 year old woman in Sweden who is now being prosecuted because she wrote about her violent Muslim neighbors.  You are not even allowed to complain in public, anymore.

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The BBC Asks Everyone What the Punishment For Anti-Muslim ‘Blasphemy’


The BBC Asian Network had a female reporter from Pakistan ask this question: ‘What is the right punishment for blasphemy?’  The Twitter feed went full blast attack both this ‘reporter’ and the BBC for terrorizing people and backing vicious punishments for anyone talking about Mohammed the wrong way.  People this very day are being executed in Muslim countries for ‘blasphemy.’

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Fukushima Continues To Degrade Worse And Worse

As wars and ethnic/religious insanity broils over across the planet, we still have Fukushima steadily pumping toxins into the Pacific Ocean and all over Japan while the right wing fascists who are running things are in total denial, claiming all is well.  And on top of that, we have the continuing collapse of liberalism as it is chained to the polar bears and penguins of ‘global warming’ which seeks high taxes on energy to punish the lower classes in first world countries.


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All Over EU, Nationalist Right Parties Win Big

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 6.40.39 AM

Barely 40% of the voters turned out for the EU elections and of these, many if not most voted for right wing national socialist parties that want to limit immigration and have own currency. The EU is a Bilderberg creation from day one.  It is protected by NATO which means US taxpayers who have to die for everyone’s political machinations.  This latest election featured many voters, despite the apathy, voting against the concept of the EU.  Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the rigged election (because Eastern Ukraine is under military violent suppression during this ‘election’) an oligarch won which made NATO happy but the real vote happened earlier when half of Ukraine voted to exit the state entirely.  Which is exactly what we saw in many of the EU elections yesterday.

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Tory Education Sec Angry About WWI Lessons Via Blackadder And Monty Python

Monty Python’s WWI skit: The entire war was unhinged from day one.  The Great Empires had chopped up the entire planet and using the ever-useful ‘Right Makes Might’ drew the sword on weaker nations, dismembering them brutally.  Especially native tribes which were annihilated, enslaved, imprisoned and starved.  Once the entire planet was enslaved, these same empires then suddenly turned on each other in a horrific series of world wars.

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Energy Prices Skyrocket While Putin Controls Huge Sector Of Energy Markets

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 2.40.21 PM

BBC News – Ukraine crisis: Europe’s stored gas high as prices soar: note how eastern Ukraine where the most Russians live, is where the oil is, too!  We have a desperate, long winter ravaging much of North America at the same time our rulers decided to pick a fight with Putin, one of the world’s most powerful energy producers.  This has fatal consequences for Americans!

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Prolific Profit, China Is Now #1 Trade Nation In World, USA Is Second Rate, Deep In Red Ink

US trade deficit

Graph: Balance on Current Account (BOPBCAA) – FRED – St. Louis Fed

China is now #1 in yet another economic arena: global trade.  The US and Japan fall further and further behind.  This is why Japan and the US are both conspiring to start WWIII.  To be blunt, this is the worst way to fix this ‘problem’ due to China being a very big country with a huge population that is highly educated and extremely hard working.  Japan is literally dying while the US is drowning in red ink and internal hatreds.  The above graph is a reminder of the US being the world’s #1 trade LOSER.  It is all red ink, nearly a trillion in the year 2007.  Only a deep depression trimmed it back to a mere half a trillion in red ink today.

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