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Mainstream Media Confused About Obvious Muslim Terror Attack In Belgium

Two police officers have been killed in Belgium shooting and Man shoots 3 in Belgian city after seizing police weapons are both Daily Mail Online stories today.  I didn’t see any of this news in mainstream liberal media so I went to Europe to see if there was any news and yes, this was a headline story though the liberal media pretended they had no idea why alien Muslims screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ are killing EU citizens.  This lunacy of the left is out of control now.  Relying on them for even the most basic information means possible death due to them being insane.  We are supposed to freak out over warm weather which isn’t happening, not terrorism or Muslim rapists running riot.

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All Over EU, Nationalist Right Parties Win Big

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Barely 40% of the voters turned out for the EU elections and of these, many if not most voted for right wing national socialist parties that want to limit immigration and have own currency. The EU is a Bilderberg creation from day one.  It is protected by NATO which means US taxpayers who have to die for everyone’s political machinations.  This latest election featured many voters, despite the apathy, voting against the concept of the EU.  Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the rigged election (because Eastern Ukraine is under military violent suppression during this ‘election’) an oligarch won which made NATO happy but the real vote happened earlier when half of Ukraine voted to exit the state entirely.  Which is exactly what we saw in many of the EU elections yesterday.

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