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Global Warmists Want No Meat And Democratic Senators Hold All Night Vigil For Making It Even Colder

global warmists want no meat for Americans

The vegetarian movement has hit on a new way of getting people to go veggie.  In past history, rulers were meat eaters while the peasants were punished if they hunted for meat and this made the rulers bigger and stronger and the peasants remain thinner, weaker and smaller.  Ever since the US took over the Great Plains, even peasants could buy meat though this was still a rare treat for them.  Remember, a chicken on Sunday in every pot was first said by Henry IV of France way back in 1600.  And Hoover used this back in the Great Depression.  The modern liberal global warmists want no chicken or beef (note Brit royal guards were called ‘Beefeaters’ because this made them big and strong so they could repel rioting peasants!) nor heating in winter for US peasants. Continue reading


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March Lion This Year Comes In Freezing Cold Below Zero…Let’s Look At 1880-1890

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 9.55.22 AM
After Obama announced California needed rain, one major storm after another slams into the West Coast while the insistent, regular as day and night severe cold waves continue to roll out of the Arctic which is totally frozen this year.  The global warmists are now pretending they predicted this very cold winter which is a total lie.  I proved this in the past by publishing NOAA’s future weather predictions which called for a much warmer than usual winter for most of the US, no record breaking cold anywhere, and very warm winter for the Northeast which has been as frigid as Minnesota this year.


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Global Warming Hysteria Shoots Upwards As Most Severe Winter In Half Century Freezes Many Million People

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 5.14.48 AM


This burning planet picture was used just last week by the noxious Huffington Post to illustrate ‘climate change’.  I have noted over time that ‘hotter and hotter’ is the change they really mean but to keep people from lynching them, the Global Warming believers have hidden their religion under the false name of ‘Climate Change’.  People are literally freezing to death across the nation and our President has said nothing, people ar running out of salt for clearing ice from roads or fuel to heat their homes, accidents and stalled economy are also being hard hit by the severe cold yet not so much as a peep from Obama or the liberals who used to pretend to care about Americans.  Even California’s drought which was the last twig the warmists could cling to has ended with a great deal of rain.  Rats!  Poor babies.  They so much wanted us to all weep for the warm weather enthusiasts living there, laughing at the rest of us shivering in the cold. Continue reading


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We Were Stuck On Highway Due To Plane Crashing On NY Thruway

below zero mountain New York 2014I

It was a beautiful sunrise this morning, well below zero.  I drove down to Jersey City to visit my darling little grandson and winterize his home due to the subzero weather we are having this Global Warming Winter and succeeded in this mission only to not be able to drive home again due to this event:  Small plane lands on NYC highway!

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Oh, Susanna, Don’t Cry Global Warming For Me, I Froze To Death

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 5.03.05 PM

Free Notes – Oh Susanna (Oh I came from Alabama with my banjo… a song for these global warming times.  The sun is so hot we are freezing to death.  Now, there are localities on this planet that are not cold.  But in general, it is getting cooler in key places and the warm spots are the anomalies that don’t change the fact that huge continental areas are very, very cold this winter, colder than normal by a long shot.

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Severe Cold Front Pushes Warm Air Before It Causing Global Warmists To Freak Out Totally

Cold fronts always push heat as these travel down from Arctic

earth wind map: My latest favorite website now that the US earthquake map has been eliminated by our government sequestration leaving everyone clueless about the impending earthquakes, is this map of the earth’s winds.  We are having a brief heat wave on the East Coast after a month of Arctic conditions with several feet of snow in some places.  The severe cold elicited zero response from the ‘climate change’ people who ignored this.  Now that another Arctic freeze is barreling down on us, we are giving a very brief three day respite from this Ice Age cold.  And on cue, the army of global warmists who pretend they care about ‘climate change’ are howling like banshees that we are going to roast to death even as people die from the cold front.

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Ice Age Cold Suddenly Grips North America Continent

Ice Age US weather

Snow, ice, deep-freeze hit large swath of USA: conditions up here on my mountain has been off and on Antarctic since mid-November and now, quite early in the winter season, it being technically still ‘Fall’, it is extremely cold.  This isn’t local.  It is the entire nation except for Global Warming Florida where people want desperately to live for Fun In The Sun.  Meanwhile, the climatologists who have harangued us all Fall about global warming are silent about this burst of Ice Age weather.


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