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Former US Gitmo Attorney Iglesias Wants Benghazi Kidnap Victim Tried In ‘Shadow Of Twin Towers’

The distorted thinking of all of our officials and leaders is causing a mental and moral collapse.  Striving to continue the post-WWII imperialist powers has led to a degenerative thinking process that infects everything especially diplomacy and legal thinking.  Once we got rid of the need to have Congress vote for wars or basic civil rights after 9/11, this new perpetual war is engineered by petulant, power hungry globalists who have secret meetings to discuss with foreign powers, how to circumvent or compel Americans into wild military spending which is bankrupting our nation and destroying our economy.

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Obama Claims Unilateral War Powers Thanks To Bush Jr. War On Terror Act

Miz Liberty assassinates bin Laden

The perpetual war against secular Muslims continues as the US plan to go after extremists who are often funded by or secretly supported by Mossad and the CIA, continues.  The latest mess in Iraq also reveals how Congress conspires with both GOP and DNC Presidents to destroy the Constitution. Obama to Congress: I Don’t Need Your OK on Iraq:

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National Socialism Is Rising Rapidly As Long Depression Gets Worse Worldwide

The world is hurtling towards another world war.  If we examine the previous two world wars, we can see a definite pattern: these always fallow, by a decade, a long depression.  And they feature greater powers of central bankers and a widening gap between workers and oligarchs.  Generally speaking, there is a quest to replenish government coffers not by taxation but by imperialist exploitation and clashes over distant exploitable territories become very violent very quickly.  Meanwhile, racist/religionist national socialism rises rapidly as dominant populations seek to maintain their grip on social services via cutting off services to minorities and others.

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Mass Killings As Ukraine Coup Attacks Unarmed Citizens

Украина Одесса Горит Дом Профсоюзов Погибло 38 человек 02 05 2014 – YouTube

The battle over Ukraine has begun.  The US/NATO alliance working for the IMF have forced an attack on the other half of Ukraine and many have been killed already.  Russia is furious and this is the usual double standard: it is OK for NATO to murder but everyone else has to be gentle and kind.

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Nuclear War And Nuclear Power Menace Humanity Plus More 9/11 Lies From Cheney


 Air Force sidelines 17 ICBM launch officers; commander cites ‘rot’ within system: this reminds us all who is the most dangerous and possibly out of control nuclear armed nation on this planet: the United (sic) States.  Both Israel, another nuclear armed nation that is virtually out of control, bombing neighbors at will, and the US have shown little responsibility when it comes to WMD.  Both use these on civilian populations with impunity.  The ‘rot’ within our nuclear missile regime is similar to the rot in our entire military.  Running our nation as if it were the Soviet Union has corroded our society and our police state is one of the most inept on earth, unable and unwilling to stop a flood of millions of illegal aliens and unable to protect us on 9/11. Continue reading


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