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4th July In Berlin NY, Rural America Is Alive And Kicking

Screen shot 2016-07-04 at 11.51.16 AM

Our town got its name from the Hessians left behind when the Brits pulled out suddenly.  It has been a very patriotic town including a small uprising against the Van Rensselaer family who owned most of the land in these parts.  So our town had a double revolution.  It had industries, too, and many farms nearly all of which were nearly wiped out in the last 30 years thanks to Free Trade!  Boo.

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DiBlasio Mayor NYC Stops Gun Searches, Blacks Now Run Riot, Shootings Shoot Upwards

Patriotic American construction workers



Here is a fine example of the working class in my neighborhood.  Note the American flags in the helmet of the black steel worker, most of his coworkers also had these flags.  Also on the bridge they are building is the sign put up protesting NY gun laws.  These draconian laws were passed to stop the shootings in the cities but the shooters in the cities use illegal hand guns.  There is high feelings against the gun laws while at the same time, DiBlasio decided it was racist to search for guns hidden on black thugs so no one is stopped for gun searches anymore with the obvious painful results.

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2014 Berlin NY 4th July Parade Marches Despite Bad Weather And Bad Economic Conditions

Berlin NY 4th July parade pigs could fly


Globalization, wars which have caused very high energy costs, and the banking collapse all hit my little town of Berlin, NY, very hard.  Despite the struggle to survive in economic hard times, this very small town continues to host one of the area’s biggest 4th of July parades with towns from miles away participating.  But every year, the parade is smaller and smaller due to the toll the economy has taken here.  But the stalwart citizens try their energetic best!  This is what is good for America.  Our main hope for the future.

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Spring Came Very Late And Incredibly Fast To My Upstate NY Mountain

This spring is amazing.  We had nonstop winter, it got colder and colder and spring seemed further and further away.  In the Rockies, it is still hard winter.  But in the last three days, the entire orchestra of spring has burst into flower nearly instantaneously.  Making up for lost time, all the trees even the mighty, slow red oaks are leafing out simultaneous with the birch who usually is early.  The cherry trees are blooming alongside the daffodils.  A riot of growth, all in three short days!

my medieval chalet spring sunset 2014

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Berlin High Students Join Other Party-time Teens In Upstate NY To Vandalize Football Player’s Mansion

Stephentown NY teens trash empty mansion


Sometimes my very rural community gets national news.  For example, in the early 1960’s a propane truck ran down Plank Road which is one of the steeper roads in America, and flipped into Berlin and blew up part of the village.  Otherwise, no one hears much about our woody acres.  It is actually rather quiet but not that quiet.  Namely, it still can make the news out here due to wild stuff going on just like any big city.  This year’s News is about a teen party held in our next door tiny town, Stephentown.  Seems 300 teens tore into a house that was going to be foreclosed and rioted there, causing a lot of destruction.  Then the parents got mad because their wayward waifs posted online many detailed photos WITH their names!…showing them drinking illegally and taking drugs while wrecking the place. Continue reading


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Berlin NY Annual 4th July Parade, 2013 Edition

Berlin NY 2013 parade

Thursday we had our little annual 4th of July parade.  As usual, I took pictures but since I had family over I didn’t have time to process the photos.  The parade this year was fairly small and in many ways, disappointing when compared to previous years.

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