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China Calls For Replacing US Dollar With ‘Super Currency’

elaine taylor sings about federal reserve

MUST WATCH: Bernanke’s True Legacy “Helicopter Ben” – Elaine Diane Taylor – YouTube: She is a wonderful singer with a huge vocal range and plays the guitar, too and is ten thousand times more talented than many of today’s pop stars who fake singing on stage and in reality, sing out of tune and off beat.  While the New York Times notices that the rich got much richer and the middle class much poorer after Helicopter Ben bailed out his fellow bankers, the NYT refuses to see how free trade killed our unions and thus, the entire middle class.  The members of the unions in the US slew themselves by voting for Reagan and cheap foreign goods which briefly, added to the easy credit debt, made middle class families feel temporarily rich.

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Ambrose Evens-Prichard Makes False Gold Claims About Fed Reserve And Bank of Japan

Mt. Fuji side crater covered with minerals

Mount Fuji secondary volcanic eruption on flank of the volcano is covered with metals of various sorts.

I may annoy people by talking about things they don’t want to hear but at least I don’t go off the mental cliff like many do.  Explaining things and how these work is tricky as all hell.  We have to be careful to not make up stuff or ignore facts.  One favorite game played by online explainers is to suggest something is causing something else to happen…while producing zero evidence backing this.  The drastic fall in gold prices has driven nuts all the guys who claimed gold has something to do with the floating fiat currency game.  It does not. Continue reading


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Fed Reserve Releases Highly Censored Minutes From 2007 Pre-crisis Meeting

We know that the jerks who run our banking system are the dumbest people on earth.  The Federal Reserve which works for Wall Street has been notoriously secretive.  Bernanke promised to be less secretive but that was, as per usual, a total lie. He is very secretive.  And so he was sued to release information which he pretended to do today:  Bernanke missed signs of crisis – NY Daily News Continue reading


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Congress Mocks Ron Paul While Libor Scandal And Debt Scandals Threaten World Banking

One of the most pathetic Washington Post stories about banking is the retirement of Ron Paul.  Bernanke and the corrupt members of the House Banking Committee all laugh at him while smugly patting themselves on the back…right in the middle of yet another of zillions of banking scandals.  The real scandal, of course, is the collapse of all sane oversight for bankers who then ran amok and by creating way, way too much credit, have caused the entire global banking system to collapse. Continue reading


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EU Credit Warnings: 2008 Crash Continues And Worsens As More Wars Loom

We are in the middle of the Second Great Depression and as I predicted several years ago during the height of the credit bubble boom, it will take many years to escape this collapse and worse, it will probably lead to many wars and maybe, WWIII.  The relaxation of regulations of banking systems led directly to this mess.  The creation of the entire galaxy of bizarre paper entities which I call collectively, the Derivatives Beast, led to the creation of a huge shadow financial entity that is bigger than the value of everything on earth.  This is what the world’s top bankers are clinging to keep alive.  This is what hasn’t blown up…yet.  Meanwhile, whole  nations slide off the economic cliff. Continue reading


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Global Demands For More Socialism Versus Rich Demanding Status Quo

Occupy Europe: Thousands march in Germany & Spain – YouTube

Occupy Wall Street has collected nearly half a million dollars in donations.  Shows how strongly people feel about the successful movement.  Anti-bank demonstrations are rising all over the place and in particular, Europe.  Anger over the planned elimination or reduction of social services and government hiring has led to huge demonstrations and riots in Greece.   Continue reading


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Currency Devaluation War Rages Ever More Violently

Protesters Just Broke Into Goldman Sachs’ Building In Milan And Wrote On Walls, which is the really scary part of the raging mobs business which accompanies all economic contractions.  Goldman Sachs once operated off of everyone’s radar but those days of hidden actions is now gone forever.  We all know in detail, how Goldman Sachs manipulates governments, central banks and markets.   Continue reading


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