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Mueller Tries To Impeach Trump Based On Nothing, Bilderberg Gang In Full Attack Mode

Every day like clockwork, the Bilderberg gang attacks Trump.  This will continue to the bitter end.  Every day, real news is also hidden by this gang because they want people to be ignorant of reality.  This way, they can create an alternative reality.  Examples are easy to find: the colder the climate, for example, the less news about the cold and endless stories about ‘hottest year ever’ continue.  This is causing a collapse in support for mainstream media.  Doesn’t stop the mainstream from fake news production.

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Bilderberg Media In Europe Desperately Try To Explain Away Huge Anti-EU Votes

Farage started the Brexit Party only a few weeks ago and swept into victory.  This has disconcerted the globalist rich who are desperately trying to minimize this gigantic victory.  Instead of learning lessons from the surge in nationalism, the globalists simply double down on lying about reality, unable to figure out that people seeing real reality will now see the Bilderberg gang at work, too.  Slowly, very slowly, the Populace is waking up.  And nothing scares our Real Rulers more than an aware and awake citizenry.

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The Very Brave Daily Mail In London: Bilderberg Gang Is Cheating On Taxes And Commission Is Investigating This Crime!

Breitbart News Network: European voters are increasingly angry about foriegners invading their homelands.


Undercover at Bilderberg – the world’s most elitist secret society | Daily Mail Online: the Daily Mail has had a huge coup: they managed to get a reporter inside the Bilderberg conspirator’s enclave.  This reported didn’t find anything new due to this but the article is new in a huge, huge way: they actually are reporting real news suddenly.  What caused the Daily Mail to finally break the omerta wall of silence by reporting on ILLEGAL things this group is doing to the planet earth?  This is a must-read story indeed.

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Bilderberg Elites To Meet In 2015 In Tyrol, Austria To Discuss WWIII Plans And Energy Taxes

As US/Saudi armed paramilitary troops terrorize the Middle East with impunity, as the US says it can unilaterally bomb Syria with no input from anyone or respect for borders or the government of Syria, we have the US and NATO pushing for WWIII with Russia claiming yet again that Russia is sending weapons to Ukraine’s Russian speaking citizens who are being bombed by the Kiev coup!  So, we get a totally insane NUCLEAR war for no good reason at all while fighting crazed Muslims all over the Middle East to Afghanistan and then there is the China/Japan tension over some tiny islands while Japan merrily pollutes the entire Pacific Ocean with toxins from Fukushima which is never, ever mentioned in the news these days while it gets colder and colder and all our media yaps about is global warming!

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Plan X Is Pentagon Cyber Attacks And Utah Data Spy Center Being Built Where Romney Rules

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The bottom two links on this Google search are my own stories.  The fact is, when Googling ‘Bilderberg PRISM’ this is what appears.  No US mainstream media at all.  But UK media, yes.  Making a Mountain Out of a Digital Molehill – NYTimes.com is today’s Bilderberg Editorial in a leading paper which is entirely OK with rank spying on everyone in order to stop ‘terrorism’.  The author of the editorial claims only a ‘few’ (million!) people will be spied upon!  So it is OK since our corrupt Congress is supervising this massive spy effort.  As for protecting us from terror,  note the other news today:  Santa Monica College shooting and house fire kills 5, injures 5 as yet another dude puts on a bullet proof vest and helmet and takes out an AR 15 to go crazy killing everyone in his path.  We have these terrorist actions every few weeks now and they all seem the same with the killers murdering family before going on heavily armed rampages.  And spying on everyone does squat about this problem of domestic terrorism! Continue reading


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