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NSA Spy Story Still Very Disconnected As Political Parties And Corporations Pretend They Are Not Co-conspirators Within Bilderberg Meetings

Culture Life News Big Brother Is Spying On You

Dear readers, for many years I have been talking online about the Security State and its true history and nature.  I grew up watching the machinery of this proto-soviet State being built because my father is one of the builders of this machine.  I exposed CIA/FBI spying on students in the sixties.  Our security state now reaches everyone everywhere all the time as I feared it would.  Below is an article I wrote way back in 2005 predicting PRISM: Continue reading


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Bilderberg Gang Gathers Scientists To Discuss Cooling Off The Planet

stealing-hell-bigAs the human population grows, often thanks to modern medicine, vaccination programs and the oil based civilization we created since 1900, the impact billions of people have on the global climate and environment grows greater and greater.  Various governments desire to fix these messes via ever-increasingly bizarre or meddlesome ways.  These efforts are doomed to failure due to the way Mother Nature operates.  We can’t go to infinity but can’t accept this concept.  So we try to go to infinity while at the same time, trying to restrict the activities of others.  That is, rich people want to live in absolutely fabulous ways while figuring out some way of restricting the activities of the rest of humanity. Continue reading


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Ruling Elites In West Are Inept, Stupid And Dangerous

War memorial, Jersey City NJWhen putting pieces of a very large, global puzzle together, it is easy to fall into the trap of accrediting everything that happens as part of a conspiracy against all of humanity.  This tendency is used by the Real Rulers as a tool to isolate and mock those who do try to track the very real conspiracies that really are going on.  The super-secret Bilderberg meetings as well as the follow-up even more secretive Rockefeller population control meeting are of greatest interest.  Today, I wish to tie some important events and people into one package so it illuminates how this business is working out or rather, how it is FAILING.  For the other secretive contra-system run by the communists, is surging forwards. Continue reading


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Bilderberger Secret Name List Leaked In Germany


Picture 7The list of participants in the Bilderberger meeting has been leaked via Germany.  I am so very happy.  I like exact information, not hearsay.  So, the guy who runs the Washington Post was there?  And there is absolutely NO news about the meeting in the WP.  There was also a pre-Bilderberger meeting with Bloomberg and Rockefeller before Rocky ran off to Greece.  Time to examine these conspirators: Continue reading


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Arrest US Bilderberg Conspirators

Pelosi as Dorina GreyTime for a big laugh: the super-secretive Bilderberger gangsters are having yet another super-duper-super-secret conclave where all they do is have an ‘honest [HAHAHA] discussion’ of how to run the entire planet.  Of course, this makes zero news in the Zionist-controlled US media universe but does make the news in Israel, of course, to poo-poo anyone thinking, this is a group of dark conspirators plotting to rule us.  HAHAHA, again.  And the Democrats accuse the CIA of lying…but don’t ask for an investigation!  AIPAC is happy. Continue reading


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Bilderberger Meetings Are All About Free Trade

Yun-san with baby visitor at the Grafton Peace PagodaThe Bilderbergers are meeting again.  No, this isn’t a hamburger eatery, it is a bunch of very secretive, very creepy elites from Europe and America, getting together and talking ‘frankly’ about the rest of us peons, the people they hate, despise and plot to rule.  Thanks to this conspiratorial crew, we get to be paranoid about everything that happens.  No surprise, of course.  The Bilderbergers love it when we blame them for bad weather, any sort of random germs or anything except for the one thing they do control: our government and banking systems. Continue reading


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