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Trump Threatens To Release ALL 9/11 Secret Information!

This is a cartoon from my news service 11 years ago.  The shadow of 9/11 stretches over our nation and keeps us in the dark even today.  Fake stories like ‘bombs in the buildings’ nonsense has driven most people away from this topic making it impossible to talk about how the US public was lured into several very illegal and illicit wars that destroyed several nations and keeps these in complete chaos even today…this open sore can’t even be mentioned anymore lest mindless people roar about fake stories planted by the CIA to keep citizens from examining 9/11 but today, the GOP is now leading the charge to expose all 9/11 Saudi information that was deliberately kept deeply secret even from CONGRESS by Bilderberg operatives who controlled our government all the way up until Trump won the election.

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Democrats Steal Trump Signs, No One Bothers Stealing Hillary Signs

Woman Steals Trump Signs – Videotaped Herself Doing It – Posted Online Bragging About Her Crime – YouTube: Yes, not only are Hillary supporters especially illegal aliens waving Mexican flags, are attacking and physically being thugs towards Trump supporters, they were nasty to Bernie Sanders supporters, too.  Hillary has never muzzled them or condemned them, she is silent as her thugs run riot in Democratic machine cities that happen to also be high crime cities, all of them without exception.

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Latest Terror Attack In California By ISIS Saudis

“We are back in America”, ISIS video on 9/11 anniversary sees extremists threaten new attacks on US: threat issued three months ago.


I have known since 1974 that Saudi Arabia is a terrorist state.  My parents worked in about 60% of the countries on the earth from Sikkim (which was invaded and absorbed) to Saudi Arabia. China and Russia, when they were still very much communist, also hosted my international traveling parents.  The only country they stormed out of was Saudi Arabia after a royal there deliberately ran over a Dutch woman right in front of my mom, killing her because she wasn’t wearing the full veils.  The most dangerous and evil family on earth are the Saudi royals and when the UN made one of these criminal monsters head of the environment committee, I was very disgusted.  Well, the promised terror attack on civilians here was promised this week by ISIS and it has happened just like 9/11 was nearly totally a Saudi effort.


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Intercept Magazine Leaks Secret US Drone Assassination Program Kills Mostly Innocent Victims

Screen shot 2015-10-16 at 10.44.52 AM

The Intercept magazine has broken a major story when some whistleblower like Snowden has leaked a huge stash of CIA/Pentagon files about the illicit US assassination war against Muslims.  This eye-opening document shows the need for Nüremberg-type war crimes trials but of course there will be none such.  These drones fly mainly from US bases in Africa and ships offshore.  Reading the revelations in today’s news is sickening.  Morals matter especially during wars.  The last World War was just one giant war crime.  All sides indulged in major mass murder and many, many innocent people died during that terrible war.  Supposedly, world rulers were going to fix all that and did…NOT.

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CIA Makes Bin Laden Voodoo Doll With Removable Heads: Black Magic Deep In US Rulers


Sticking pins in the voodoo doll.


Some bizarre and creepy CIA news:  Bin Laden doll made for CIA by GI Joe creator Donald Levine up for sale (namely, this Jewish guy gets to make a satanic doll with a REMOVABLE HEAD).  This put on the red alert for me.  After all, the creepy and bizarre and very illegal assassination of bin Laden and his wife included the creepy lopping off of his head and the body being secretly dumped in the ocean!


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Battling The Hydra: US Expanding Wars In Middle East, Asia, Europe While Ebola Spreads

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 9.08.53 AM

AIPAC rules us so we have this bizarre, insane new foreign policy:  Obama admits Bashar al Assad MUST go before ISIS can be defeated National security team believe removing Syrian President Bashar al Assad will kick-start the defeat of ISIS.  This is beyond ridiculous.  Hitler’s claim that Poland invaded Germany as an excuse to launch WWII is matched by this bizarre policy.  ISIS was created by the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia to overthrow Assad.  He was supposed to collapse promptly only he didn’t.  So now they are going to bomb the Syrians to do what?  Why, open the door wide for ISIS!


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9/11: All Our ‘Allies’ Want Weird Wars With Nuclear Powers While US Battles Muslims And Our Borders Are Open

Here we are at 9/11 all over again and the only thing that has come out of this event is the rise of far, far stronger and more numbers of al Qaeda clones and more wars, trillions wasted on wars and our supposed ‘allies’ egging us on into wars with both China and Russia which is pure insanity.  The real 9/11 is nuclear war annihilating much of civilization as hysteria is whipped up by media owners and the rich who want the poor and working classes distracted because they fear workers might wake up and attack them, instead.  But of course, this ‘solution’ is no solution at all.  But then, liberals in the US now want 99% of humanity terminated, fast, so we don’t roast to death as if nuclear war isn’t roasting to death, in all reality.

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