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Liberal Warmongering Against Russia And China Rises To Hysterical Fever Pitch As US Continues Cold Spring Weather

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The neocon President who sent the Kagan wife working with Pyatt to overthrow the elected government there is now giving deadlines about war.  That is, the citizens angry about the coup in Kiev must surrender to the coup or the US will muscle them into surrender exactly like how we did it in Egypt.  That is, kill everyone until they give up resisting a coup.  The Peace Prize President has fine tuned his warmongering.  He does what his handlers order and then gives up.  Right now, the US has redoubled assassin drones killing peasants in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen which is a very failed strategy since it only makes the peasants angrier.  But we keep on doing this because our boss in Jerusalem has ordered our President to do this and our corrupt AIPAC Congress votes to do this while cutting spending on social programs, science and protecting our borders at home.

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Brazil And Indonesia Rainforest Destruction Shoots Upwards, La Nina Cold Continues

La Nina cold Pacific Ocean

Something is happening in the Pacific Ocean: the cold water La Nina portion is actually colder, not warmer.  Climatologists are predicting an el Nino event but I think history says otherwise.  There are many mega trends going on that are an interaction of human behavior, the sun’s shifting output of energy, volcanic activity or inactivity, earthquakes in the ocean’s floor such as the three 9.0+ quakes off of Japan, Chile and Indonesia and salinity of the oceans going through various cycles where salt content increases or falls.  All of this creates difficult to interpret weather conditions which cause local shifts that seem quite large close up but when viewed through the lens of history, are actually rather common.

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