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Did Scalia Die Due To Sex Event? A Meditation On Sex And The Devil

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The news that Scalia, Catholic Supreme Court Justice, died with a pillow over his head and that this was not closely investigated afterwards means to me that he was doing something in his friendly ‘hotel’ for rich people, that was rather irregular.  Or normal for them.  That is, he was having sex with someone and it killed him most likely due to suffocation.  Humans have passed many rules and laws and religious prohibitions regarding sex yet these very things make this worse, not better since people get a sexual boost from breaking the rules and laws, it makes sex more exciting.

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Ethnic Asian Students Totally Dominate Math Competition…And Face Open Discrimination In Hiring At Universities

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 Raytheon Mathcounts National Competition

Asian students increasingly dominate all science fields, step by step, their involvement in winning competitions and signing up for the best schools is no shock to me, I have taught Chinese students and they soak up information rapidly and change direction sometimes 180 degrees with amazing suddenness.  Years and years ago, European and especially Jewish students were the top winners of math competitions like this one.  Now, 90% of the top students are mainly Chinese with some Indian winners, too.  Does this mean that Asian students go on to be hired when they finally leave the universities?  Getting a teaching job for them all is similar to the ruthless hiring practices which have now sidelined most white males from getting university jobs!

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Welfare Trap For Families Is Destroying Black Children

▶ Baltimore riot video: The gentrified crowd under attack. – YouTube

Rioters in Baltimore, a city run by a black mayor and city council and police chief, attack hipsters in a restaurant. Mayor blasts outsiders and gangs for the violence and has demanded the National Guard come in and stop them all.


I had a most revealing evening last night while waiting to see a doctor in the emergency room due to an injured knee.  A lovely black grandmother was there with two very energetic grandchildren, both boys under the age of ten.  These children ran all over the place and rolled on the floor and shoved chairs around and in  general, were pretty out of control.  Every few minutes, the poor grandmother who was at her wit’s end, would say, ‘If you don’t stop that, the cops will arrest you.’  She did variations on this: ‘The cops see you right now and will come and get you.’


They also asked her to read to them and she kept saying no.  I was sorely tempted to suggest to her, I could read to them except I was going into the exam room in a few more minutes and had to wait to hear the nurse call me in.


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