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Democrats Encourage Crime, Always Against Police, Rule of Law

(4) Milwaukee police release body cam footage showing Sterling Brown being tased | SportsCenter | ESPN: this story is classic.  Police, checking out a fancy car, ask the basketball player if he owns the car.  The player in the video rushes as close as possible to the officer and stands very defiantly extremely close to the officer who asks him over and over to step back.  The player refuses and is tasered.  The mayor and city then throws the officer under the bus and attack the police for being aggressive towards an aggressive young black man and the police are punished yet again in a DNC run city.  This is rapidly destroying all DNC-run cities which is astonishing to watch.

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Dallas Police Chief Son Shot Dead Officer In The Past

Stop the presses!!! Black Memphis chief says crime is black thing. Ditto Baltimore?  Everyone attacks him for saying the obvious- YouTube


Things are going increasingly crazy in the US as jobs for working stiff males vanish rapidly thanks to free trade and our cities then begin collapsing internally due to white flight.  The chief of police in Dallas, for example, is black.  People figured, since the vast majority of criminals are black maybe a liberal black police chief can fix this impossible situation.  His solution is Obama’s solution: let crime rage upwards, do nothing except complain about too many blacks dying or being arrested.  Don’t fix what is wrong with the system.


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NY Daily News: Having Gun And Being Black Doesn’t Make Suspect…


Screen shot 2016-07-10 at 6.39.04 AM

Here is an editorial at the Daily News by a black executive of that paper talking total nonsense:  Having a gun and being black doesn’t make one a suspect – NY Daily News


A cop killing a gangbanger in a shootout is different from what apparently happened to Sterling — and most definitely different from what happened to Castile. The unarmed Small fits one of the most troubling realities: At around 13% of the population, black people were 40% of those unarmed and shot by police in 2015 — and 35% of those unarmed and shot by police so far in 2016. Meanwhile, Dylann Roof, a white supremacist who blew away nine black people in a South Carolina church, was peaceably taken into custody and treated to Burger King by arresting officers. Not a joke.


How about putting all people involved in an incident in context?

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Obama Proposes More Gun Controls That Won’t Stop Black On Black Murder

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Black Lives Matter demonstrators avoid the real issue which is, Black Americans Are Killed At 12 Times The Rate Of People In Other Developed Countries and are rapidly destroying any black-population city, rendering these uninhabitable.  Of course, these dead zones also were uniformly once upon a time, industrial power houses that the US has destroyed relentlessly thanks to trade deals.  Here is our President talking about murders in the US:

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Sheltered College Students At Dartmouth Scream Obscenities At Other Students While Marching Around Campus Screaming ‘Black Lives Matter’

Black Lives Matter protesters storm Dartmouth College’s library – YouTube

Young college kids want to relive the Civil Rights Era which I was part of back in the 1960’s.  Except this new incarnation is insane.  Ignoring the scourge of black on black crime as well as black on white crime and how inner city black youths are destroying themselves rapidly and wrecking entire cities in the process, the naive young sheltered college kids whose friends are the few black students who manage to make it in one piece to school, are pretending that whites are destroying blacks, not self-destruction raging in black cities, destroying black youths at an appalling rate.  So bravely invading libraries in liberal schools screaming ‘black lives matter’ perhaps these kids should do what I used to do: to deep into say, Newark NJ, and actually interact with black criminals! And reform them!


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Black Democratic Leaders Demand Whites Disarm And Whites Should Not Be Allowed To Defend Themselves From Armed Black Killers

Obama on WDBJ Shooting: Gun Violence ‘Dwarfs’ Terrorism Deaths: yes, our President actually said that.  The entire fraud of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is clear.  They want to talk only about whites killing blacks not blacks killing everyone and anyone in huge numbers outstripping all other killings.Why does Barack Obama only care about white gun crime? – asks the Telegraph which is overseas.  In the US, we are not to question this. Study: Murder victims disproportionately black – US news – Life – Race & ethnicity:


Most of the black murder victims — 93 percent — were killed by other black people, the study found. About 85 percent of white victims were slain by other white people.


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NYC Police Go On Strike So Mayor De Blasio Staff Urged Media Allies To Attack Police More Vigorously

As I predicted, the NYC police are going ‘on strike’ due to concerns about how they should patrol or arrest people.  This is a legitimate concern.  As I keep pointing out and some people find hard to understand, the ‘progressive left’ has joined with the black community in championing cases where the police did very little wrong and the people who died were totally in the wrong…using these cases to pressure the police into retreating entirely from black communities.


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