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John Jay College Prof Isaacson Wants Cops Dead, NYC Cops Want Him Fired

ALT LEFT John Jay College Professor Mike Isaacson Tells Tucker Carlson He Advocates Violence – YouTube


This weekend, a ‘professor’ teaching at the John Jay College for police was exposed as a ANTIFA ‘teacher’ like the ones at Berkeley, who talked openly in public that people should kill cops and he called cops names and applauded terrorists.  His miserable rise to this position illustrates how utterly corrupt and deranged the educational systems have become, where 80% of the staff are DNC supporters who are totally out of touch with the rest of the citizens.

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Amazon.com Washington Post Claims US Needs Violent Riots To Kill White Men

(95) The house of cards collapses: Diversity or Meritocracy? – YouTube

We are at the final end of the ‘diversity’ circus.  When I sued for my civil rights way back in 1965, there were many barriers to girls learning ‘boy skills’ like fixing cars…which I and my girlfriends were all lucky to learn from really nice boys and men.  But I wanted the right to take the boy classes and when I did win this, I was the only girl in these classes and this fight was long and hard and at no point did I ask for a ‘crutch’ so I could win via a rigged game.  Now, women get these all the time and are systematically taking over and even driving out men in various fields like ‘professors’ for example.  And now are the majority going to university, for example and thus, are no longer ‘an oppressed minority’ but a ‘huge majority.’  Yet their shrill demands for more ‘rights’ is screaming now, when statistics show that this must reverse and reverse fast.

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Yet Another Muslim Immigrant Terrorist Did Mass Murder In Washington State


The #1 story at Google News is the news that the mass killer in Washington state was…a Muslim terrorist!  In Baltimore, a non-terrorist black street thug of the normal sort shot eight people because black lives matter so much, they kill each other as well as anyone stupid enough to be in the vicinity.  The War on Reality continues as our media giants push Bilderberg gang members to be our rulers over and over again and this means creating a race/religious war by enabling terrorists of all types, races and religions to attack Europe and the US over and over again.

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Black Riots And Muslim Terror Now Biggest Issues, Not Global Warming


A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns’ – The New York Times reports her daily visits with TV ‘comics’ who handle her with kid gloves while she sits in a chair with pillows.  Good lord.  Trump goes from city to city, addressing huge crowds and Hillary is escorted into TV studios, petted and primed and then appears for ten minutes or so with comedians!  What a bizarre way to run for President.  She  is obviously a joke at this point.

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Obama Fiddles, Hillary Panders While America Burns As Blacks Demand No More Cops


Every police/black interaction has increasingly become violent the more the police back off and the more Obama and Hillary push the story that cops are evil and we should give rioters whatever they want…repeating every single horrible mistake of the 1970s.  During that disaster of a decade, I was right in the middle of a totally pointless riot caused by…the lights turning out, nothing else!  My neighbors thought this was an energetic and wonderful opportunity to…loot the neighborhood and then they burned the place to the ground.  The mayor, governor and President all sat silent or praised the lack of police killing anyone while two friends of mine, terrified of screaming mobs, shot two rioters dead.

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Milwaukee Black Criminal Riot Due To Armed Criminal Shot By Cops

Live Milwaukee Riot Coverage, around over 2 hours of it- YouTube

Good old fashioned race riot in Milwaukee — large scale black mob violence – YouTube

Milwaukee protests end in violence after cop shot and killed an ARMED man following traffic stop: oh, I remember well when rampaging mobs of black young males ran wild in the 1970’s!  They were still new to the idea that they can loot, rape and burn so I was able to sort of stop them over time, all the arrests I made, only a few involved some violence on my part.  After 8 years of Obama, blacks now resist arrest frequently and violently, both male and female.  Where do they learn this?  IN SCHOOL where they fight each other and the staff frequently and nothing bad happens, that is, they are not shot dead.  So they think they can do this all the time. Continue reading


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