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Liberals Cannot Admit That Black Families Are Collapsing

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The New York Times has yet another article about a ‘study’ by professors that jump to ridiculous conclusions based on biased data crunching.  They do this with weather data and sociological data.  In today’s case, the professors claim that ‘Democratic voting’ states have better marriage rates than ‘Republican voting’ states which is a falsehood ignored by the NYT reporter.  Instead, comments at this story are almost all Democrats patting themselves on the back making fun of Republicans who want more marriages.  This is why I have been increasingly angry with liberals who refuse to understand why parts of the US are disintegrating.  It is an economic disintegration as well as cultural.

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Leftists Desperately Paint Black/Hispanic/White Texas Bikers As ‘Whites’ To Prove Whites Are Evil

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Suspect in Waco shoot-out revealed to be a retired DETECTIVE as it emerges bikers will escape toughest charges because county can’t afford to prosecute all 170 of them: the top person being prosecuted is a former cop who is BLACK. Yes, black.  I pointed out day one that these biker gangs and I know biker gangs very, very intimately, were racially mixed trending towards Hispanics.  I pointed out that the effort to make these guys ‘white supremacists’ is misguided.  But since the top liberal writers and publishers are now on the warpath trying desperately to prove that whites are evil, violent racists and using this shoot out in Texas to make their racist point ignoring the fact that it is now totally obvious that the bike gangs were Kumbaya ‘we are the world’ integrated gangs!

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English Voters Reward Tories, Anger About Aliens, Scotland Freedom Core Issues This Election

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An email ad I received today all about getting into Europe or North America to steal social services and get into schools for free.


The fractured United Kingdom just had an election and despite the polls that showed the conservatives weak, they won handily.  This comes as no surprise to me.  UKIP shook up the Tories who had to stop playing the Bilderberg internationalist game and pretend for this election to care about saving England from being swamped by legal and illegal aliens out to get free stuff.   Cut welfare, shrink the state, scrap the Human Rights Act: welcome to Cameron’s Britain cries one headline.  The Labour Party was destroyed by the exit of nearly all the Scottish voters, an action I predicted last year due to the Scots voting against independence due to a bunch of promises with zero chance of being actually honored.

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Black Prosecutor Arrests Three Black And Three White Cops

EXCLUSIVE: The fact that three of the six officers charged in Freddie Gray death are black ‘shows this is not about race’, says family source which means both black and white cops are in dire danger of being punished if something happens when they do what is, at best, a very nasty sort of labor.  I suspect nationally, at least in black communities, police will, wholesale, go back to their 1970-1980 solution of letting the criminals run riot all the time in black communities.


This really happened!  I lived dead center in the middle of this and we had near zero police protection.  Call the cops, they come hours later even though the precinct in Brooklyn was literally just three short end blocks away, a mere five minute slow stroll.

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Baltimore Riots Are All About Looting: Any Excuse Suffices Gangs Destruction Sprees

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Shopping in the hood.  I have witnessed this in the past.  It takes very little excuse such as, ‘The lights went out!’ for some people to launch into a looting, arson rampage.  Any excuse no matter how big or small, can start this sort of economic activity.  The downside of this is obvious: virtually NO place ever recovers entirely from this sort of Xmas shopping where the stores are totally destroyed and neighbors terrorized.  The Democrats will be slaughtered this next election because of the party’s total ineptitude for preventing raging gangs from terrorizing entire cities.


The left believes if only cops never ever hurt anyone and handled repeat criminals with kid gloves, riots would never happen again. THIS IS UTTERLY FALSE.  After the mayor of NYC boasted about not killing a single black person when they torched and looted the city during a mere summer storm blackout, we had a massive rise in crime where the looting happened and it was a life and death battle to regain some sort of control of things.  You literally could not put a thing down or leave anything unlocked for a minute during the crime wave after the looting wave.  I called this ‘a continuous riot’.

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Affirmative Action Rules Are In The News: Exploitation Of Race Has Unsurprising Consequences


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The issue of affirmative action continues to roil when it comes to schools, hirings and other arenas.  Originally, it was supposed to be a temporary solution to Jim Crow segregation which was very nasty, I lived under Jim Crow as a child and saw first hand gross discrimination against black citizens which was infuriating to see.  My grandfather was anti-Jim Crow and I upheld this tradition by working for Civil Rights which happened to include my own personal rights as a woman.  But over the years, the civil rights issue has taken a bad turn.  It has become abusive.  Even as gays and transsexuals continue the honest battle for basic civil and human rights, blacks and women are seeing this fall apart not due to white males being ‘naughty’ but due to weighted systems that give women and blacks an extra boost but which ruins their ability to succeed because it is now unfair competition.


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Blacks Murdering Whites In Philly: Democrats In Trouble Due To Race Politics


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The next election will be similar to the last election that saw Democrats wiped out across the nation.  The next election will be the same especially since Obama has gotten fixated on global warming.  Everything That’s Worrying America In One Chart shows what concerns voters:  illegal aliens, terrorist, race riots, crime.  All these things are stuff the GOP excels in running for office.  Now on to today’s news stories such as this one:


Teenage gunman surrenders in connection with murder of a Philadelphia man | Daily Mail Online


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