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France Bastille Day Massacre Terrorist Attack Is Merkel’s Fault

(UNSEEN VIDEO) Truck terror attack in Nice, France – YouTube


Gun and truck terror attack leaves at least 77 dead in Nice: Bodies strewn across road after lorry drove for over a MILE through crowd watching holiday fireworks before gunman opens fire and he has taken hostages now in a hotel.  This madness is going to cause huge blowback.  The British who voted out of the EU are saying, ‘We told you so and you all called us racists’.  And the US election continues with endless anti-Trump propaganda and Clinton has pandered to any and all and she won’t be elected now.

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Sweden Already Reels From Innercity Muslim Violence, Police Scared To Enter Whole Neighborhoods

Must watch video:  Islam in Sweden: Abolish Secular Law – No Go Zone – YouTube: this video shows how weak and helpless the police are in Sweden.  They are so feeble and scared of Muslims, they no longer patrol entire parts of major cities there for fear of firebombs and riots.  This is exactly what has killed many US cities like Detroit or Newark or other black enclaves prone to riots.  The police stand back and let crimes rage uncontrolled and basically, citizens must avoid these areas as much as possible.  Now, Sweden has said, like Germany, they are taking in many thousands of unattached, angry Muslim males who forced their way into Europe. This will end very badly for Sweden.

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Making Excuses For Social Problems: Why Does Alcoholism Plagues Black, Indian And Other Minorities

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 11.25.18 AM

Google map screen shot of drugged/drunk young Indians from Pine Ridge Reservation:  The Nebraska town with only 11 residents but which sells more than FOUR MILLION cans of beer every year.


I lived on the Tohono O’odham Indian reservation off and on when I was a child and when my father was building the Kitt Peak Observatory complex in Arizona.  I got to know the people there very well during that time, 60 years ago.  My great grandfather came to Tucson as a calvary officer in the mid-19th century and one of his jobs was to hunt down the Apache tribe.  Which the O’odham feared and hated greatly and he worked with them to do this job.  My great grandmother was a Woman’s Christian Temperance Union member and would go about Old Tucson assailing men for getting drunk.  Indians were not allowed to buy booze back then and even when I was a child it was illegal to sell booze on the reservation but one could leave and buy booze and I grew up seeing broken bottles all over the ground surrounding some of the adobe houses the natives built.


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US Wants To Celebrate 70th Anniversary Of Hitler’s Death With Ukraine Fascists


Contrary to stories fed to Europeans who fear Russia (unlike their degraded governments that no longer rule them, the EU runs everything now) listen to some of the silliest propaganda stories, ever.  Just like the recent news that Putin took a short vacation (EU and US leaders disappear for long periods and no one notices anymore!) all news about Russia has to pass through this stupid filter.  Now, the US wants to celebrate the death of Hitler by parading a bunch of fascists who fought with Hitler!  Amazing, isn’t it?


Also, I talk about the non-news of black students hammering each other with baseball bats and guns at a school bus stop and how Google buries this news and US media ignores it while talking about Starbucks’ campaign to get us all talking about racism.

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Black Students Continue To Fail In NYC Schools But Story Is Illustrated By White Dunce Boy

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 7.31.44 AM


Here is the stock photo chosen by the editors of the New York Daily News to illustrate a story about the futility of trying to teach black and Hispanic students in the NYC schools.  Note how a white boy is used, making fun of this minority (white boys are not the majority in NYC) even though white males are doing very well and indeed, excel in most schools they attend.  This is extremely racist and a lie but typical of our media owners who play this race game against white males to the hilt even though virtually all media owners are…white males!

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Democratic Party Wants More Immigrants So They Will Vote For Bilderberg Leaders


I have been pretty angry at the Democratic Party for quite a while.  Instead of facing reality, the party leaders who are ALL Bilderberg gangsters, have decided to double down on the dumb.  So they had this huge meeting and survey of the utter mess they made of the Democratic Party which used to be pro-labor but is now utterly indifferent to labor to see how to fix the mess made by the Bilderberg gang.  The fix: have more foreigners sign up to vote and tell them to vote for the party that let these flood illegally into the country, displacing laborers here.


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NYC Police Go On Strike So Mayor De Blasio Staff Urged Media Allies To Attack Police More Vigorously

As I predicted, the NYC police are going ‘on strike’ due to concerns about how they should patrol or arrest people.  This is a legitimate concern.  As I keep pointing out and some people find hard to understand, the ‘progressive left’ has joined with the black community in championing cases where the police did very little wrong and the people who died were totally in the wrong…using these cases to pressure the police into retreating entirely from black communities.


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