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Big News: UK Inquiry Into Illegal Iraq War Accuses Blair (and Bush Jr.) Of War Crimes!

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I was going to write about how the US media giants don’t allow any comments anymore and use the NYT as an example when the story about BLAIR being accused of war crimes in Britain…and the Brits examining all this also accuse Bush Jr…and the NYT is allowing ‘comments’ so I wrote to them saying, ‘Arrest all war criminals, arrest both Bushes, both Clintons and any Cheneys, too.’  I bet they won’t publish that!  Meanwhile, the media whines that we are not following their orders but then won’t let us talk back to them so they are now totally out of touch with the Citizens and thus, unable to gage what is really going on here.  HAHAHA.  Perhaps we should not clue them in about all this.  They don’t understand, we don’t need the media to talk anymore.

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