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Arctic Conditions Locks Down Northeast While Bloomberg Campaigns Against Global Warming

Yes, it is a real news story.  I am now buried under nearly three feet of snow and all of March the daytime temperatures has been below or just above freezing and this is going to continue until at least mid-March.  So much for ‘global warming’.  I live on part of this ‘globe’ and am pissed off, big time.  Also, the Bilderberg gang is freaking out over Trump’s trade war as he forces corporations to return production to the USA and hire American workers!  The Real Rulers hate this idea, totally.

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Top Billionaire Bilderberg Bloomberg Says Hillary Will Save Us From WWIII And Total Bank Domination…HAHAHA

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News from overseas where I get most of my information, I only reference US media to mock them for being tools of the elites.  And Bloomberg is a major elitist. I have to go to EUROPE to learn real news these days, hell, I did this during the 1960’s, too!  This is huge news in the Real World and zero news in the US, of course, US voters are sheep to be herded, not wolves to hunt.  So we have near zero news here but anti-Putin news abounds:  US ‘spy plane’ makes emergency landing in Russia after ‘problem with its landing gear’ 

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Bloomberg Marvels: How Does Norway Keep Inflation 2.4%?

Goldman Sachs Loses Money So Gold Prices Fall | Culture of Life News

Bloomberg knows very well the answer to this question: How Does Norway Achieve Inflation When Others Can’t? – Bloomberg Business but will NOT tell readers of his ‘news’.


Once upon a time, the only thing one could park in a central bank vault to support the value of paper money was GOLD.  And silver.  All coins of responsible societies were made from copper, gold and silver.  Countries with fake money used cheap metals like zinc.  Paper money was invented by the Chinese to replace gold only they discovered this created inflation due to money printing and adding zeros is laughably easy.

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NYC Cancels Murdoch/Joel Klein Multi-million Dollar Computer Contract: AIPAC Destroying US Schools

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 Amplify is a Murdoch/Joel Klein Common Core school system looting operation that steals many millions and millions of US school tax dollars while wrecking the entire school system.  These looters (referring to Klein and others, not Murdoch)  have huge influence in government via AIPAC.  They control elections via media and money.  I am shocked that the NYC school system abruptly terminated the Amplify contract for just one service (sic) that no one uses and which cost us all nearly $100 million a year.  Maybe all the Amplify contracts will be terminated and perhaps the owners and runners of this scam be put in jail for fraud?

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Doctors Without Brains: Ebola Doctor Ran Riot All Over NYC, Cops Handling His Stuff Dumped Gloves In Street Bin

I have lots of family in NYC.  The doctor who knew very well how to do a quarantine voluntarily, instead did what the nurses did: he ran all over the planet spreading germs!  Mindlessly and carelessly, but the worst part of this is, we now have proof that NO ONE knows how to isolate and prevent this hideous disease.  News is pouring out of NYC showing carelessness, incompetence and an inability to understand how easy it is to get this deadly disease.  The liberal community in particular, has been criminal in its inability to understand the gravity of this situation, making fun of it all, denying it is even happening and blaming fears on right wingers rather than understandable fear of contagion.  A ship of fools is sailing off the Niagara Falls.

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Where Is Carmen Segarra? Fired Fed Investigator Strikes Back At Goldman Sachs Criminal Gang!

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The bankers are scrambling for cover yet again as Carmen Segarra recorded 46 hours secret tapes between New York Fed and Goldman Sachs | Daily Mail Online:


A fired New York Fed regulator recorded hours of meetings which allegedly show how government supervisors were afraid to ask tough questions of the biggest banks on Wall St.


Carmen Segarra, 41, was brought in by New York’s banking watchdog in the wake of the financial crisis to tighten the government’s grip on the major banks, and assigned to Goldman Sachs.


And after encountering a culture of ‘fear’ and ‘deference’ to the finance giants at Goldman, Segarra explosively started recording meetings in which regulators offer softball questions to bankers, then congratulate themselves for standing up to them.


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US Military Attacks Ship In Libya While US Diplomats Demand Russia Not Involve In Other Countries

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Bloomberg is Jewish.  As is much of his staff.  Note the above globe  has the majority of arrows pointing at Palestine!  The sidebar ‘discussion’ mentions how the US is trying to run the entire planet even though Bloomberg himself is a Bilderberg which has decided unilaterally that these particular elites would hold secret meetings where they would discuss how to rule the entire planet.  Eh?  The ideology being imposed on the planet by these people is, ‘Exploit everyone for our own greedy purposes, to hell with morality or fairness!’

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