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Boeing Seeks Cheap Labor, Huge Tax Cuts In Bidding War: Union Destruction Continues War On Labor

I have tracked Boeing for years and years.  Boeing jobs were ‘good’ (i.e.: union) jobs but after thirty years of free trade and open borders, after the former slave states passed anti-union laws, we have this result:  Boeing (BA) 777X: Economic Warfare Between States For Boeing Jobs Is Hurting The Poor, Endangering Public Services And Only Serves Foreign Customers

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Japan Ceases Buying Boeing Jets So US Trade Deficit With Japan Will Double














COUNTDOWN: 10 DAYS TIL DEFAULT: As our government grinds to a halt while our military continues its endless Muslim wars, while the US trumpets how we control Asia while the Chinese dragon  is snarling at Japan because With Obama Sidelined, China Is Top Force at APEC meeting, the foreign wars and international trade disaster continues rolling onwards with our allies destroying America’s economic engine with immense help from Congress, all our Presidents since Reagan and Wall Street billionaires and bankers.  And we are ‘exceptional’ indeed, exceptionally stupid as today’s news about Boeing show clearly.

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US Media Notices Japan Continues To Collapse While Inflation Looms

For many, many years, at least two decades, I have written extensively about the deflationary trap Japan fell into and cannot escape.  Japan is literally dying.  It is literally being ground apart by both Mother Nature and the Japanese Industrial complex disasters.  And it is being propped up by the US as a means of defying dynamic, growing, active China.  This is a total failure and easy to see why.  A dying, disintegrating culture can’t project power or run things, it is in barely-survival mode and rapidly literally dying. Continue reading


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