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CTE Brain Damage Nearly 100% NFL Football Players Who Die Young

I got all this news from the Daily Mail in England: US football is one of the deadliest games anyone can play.  Half of the pro players these days are from lower class black families with no fathers at home.  The young men play hard and buy mom a house and do other good deeds only to go insane or die after a short stint as a pro.  The player in the above article is still a young man and he is sadly insane and it is tragic, what is happening to him.

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Former CIA War Criminal, Brennan, Calls For Trump Coup

Former CIA Director John Brennan calls for a coup if Trump fires Mueller – YouTube


Our Real Rulers, our Bilderberg gang members are all now openly calling for a coup.  I have said since day one, they would get rid of Trump one way or another.  They tried nearly everything including allowing a stream of top elites openly displaying or calling for murdering Trump.  Now, the former head of the gang of illegal assassins of the CIA is demanding he be eliminated physically.  I remember the military coup of France in 1968, I had to flee France via swimming across the very polluted Rhine River!  I nearly ended up in Prague in time for the Soviet coup there but the German State Police caught me the day before and deported me.  These things happen SUDDENLY and I have sensitive nerve endings concerning all this due to my life history, being tossed about during coups in the past.

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Computers Versus Humans: Asimov’s Nightmare World, Solaria

Robot Eye 

My father knew Issac Asimov and I grew up reading his books as they were published. A prolific author with an amazing imagination, he dared to go where no one has gone before him.  Namely, he figured out many things both good and bad, about technology and human psychology.  He grew more and more pessimistic as our computer revolution proceeded.  This foresight he had was based on his ability to ‘live’ in the future which I greatly admire.  It is a skill akin to Time Lord Tardis travel.  Funny, I also dated one of the Masters and knew one of the Time Lords in real life, isn’t that odd?  Coincidences are common when one lives in the odd world of the Planetary Overlords, aka, the Bilderberg gang.

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Over 90% Football Players Suffer Severe Brain Damage, Die Young Or Commit Suicide

Screen shot 2015-09-19 at 9.16.00 AM

The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census – Best Tickets Blog: this shows clearly that the vast majority of pro players are black men who are desperate to hit the jackpot no matter what.


New: 87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease | Concussion Watch | FRONTLINE | PBS has a special on TV about the new report that is quite shocking but no surprise to me.  Most mothers have forbidden their sons to play football  much so white participation has dropped from nearly 100% 60 years ago to barely more than a quarter today.  Whites still play the game mainly because they heavily dominate the ‘executive positions with the quarterbacks on pro teams making up over 70% of the players while the violent positions like the CB team has zero, yes, zero whites and 170 blacks and this is where the brain damage is the worst.

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