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Yes, Individuals Or Small Groups Can Turn The Wheel Of History

Freedom! – Braveheart (9/9) Movie CLIP (1995) HD – YouTube


Every ‘shocking’ event and many a sudden turn of event, these can be due to the agencies of only one or a tiny handful of people.  This reality infuriates many people who think there always has to be some sort of grand conspiracy and multiple actors.  Always suspicious of the possibility of multiple actors, mobs have gone on the rampage after assassinations, etc. to seek out people to punish.  We call these ‘witch hunts’.  The absolute need to see conspiracy where there is something simpler is easy to psychologically understand for most people think they are helpless except when acting as a mob.  The carnage caused by this belief and emotional reaction is immense, such as WWI, for example, or the Nazis to give another hideous example.

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Bilderberg Bullies, Krugman And Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, Snarl At Scots

▶ Braveheart Freedom Speech (HD) – YouTube

It increasingly looks like, despite the news that the Prince of England is spawning more children, the Scots want to exit this lovely hotel and live on their own which has thoroughly enraged the Bilderberg gang which wants to decimate many countries but not their home bases like England or the US.  Or Ukraine, for that matter.  But the Scots are determined and the more the media owners and their political pals scream at the Scots, the more the Scots shake their fists and yell their famous battle cries.

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