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Incredibly Stupid Bitcoin Market Bites The Dust, A Total Wipeout

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 6.05.22 AM

Bitcoin Bubble Graph Compared to DotCom Crash | Fix Willpower: I recommend this author, Prit Kallas.  He is quite perceptive!  Bravo!

Bitcoin’s Mt. Gox Shuts Down, Loses $409,200,000 Dollars — Recovery Steps and Taking Your Tax Losses.  So, these stupid, worthless, fake money things have finally collapsed.  Unlike tulips of Beanie Babies, the fall isn’t just in the value fans give this fake currency, with the two other items, one is left at least with a flower or a toy!  In the bitcoin case, one is left with nothing.  Not even some paper money which can rise in value as a collector’s item in the far future.

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New Possible Fed Chief, Yellen, Is Totally Stupid About Credit Bubbles
















My blog,  2007:  Money Matters: The New 5 Year Boom/Crash Cycle

And another From my blog, 2007:  Money Matters: Temptations Torment US Leaders And Regulators


A Jewish woman from Brooklyn, Ms. Janet Yellen, is probably going to be the next Bernanke and already has promised to extend ZIRP lending to rich bankers so they don’t have to use real capital resources for making loans.  This is their power machine.  Greenspan and Bernanke deliberately degraded the value of capital by making loans to bankers at near zero interest.  This, in turn, has created one noxious bubble after another and guess what?

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Bitcoin Collapse Freaks Out Conspiracy Nuts Who Think Bankers Caused Bubble To Pop

Very silly Bitcoins have typical hockeystick rise and bubble collapse

The unbeatable Bitcoin Charts and Bitcoin Trading site – Bitcoin Charts Analysis (Home)

The above picture is from this Bitcoin dealer’s site.  Note the obvious hockey stick curve.  Note also how this guy claims these stupid fake coins that are really just cyber script, should shoot up to $500 or even impossible levels if only everyone is patient and waits for more fools to rush into this hermetically sealed fake market.  This scheme to have fake money replace real money, money being something backed by a government’s promises, is typical of all times of unsettled activity in regular finances.  And this reproduces the same ills that the Derivatives Beast and other anti-capital systems suffer from: wild surges to infinity and then collapse. Continue reading


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