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Pope Claims Global Warming Will Make Hell On Earth, Demands We All Move Into Huts And Not Drive Huge Armored Vehicles

Screen shot 2014-12-28 at 9.41.09 AM

Vatican City: the Tiny House the Pope lives in.

French Alps – Snow strands 15,000 vehicles in Savoie as Europe goes in the deep freezer and in the UK – Motorists stranded by snowfall in Yorkshire while in Asia, Bone-chilling cold paralyses normal life in Rajshahi, Japan has had many blizzards this month, China’s Yellow River froze and in India – “Unprecedented snowfall” in Himachal Pradesh and this week, Blizzard warning for Hawaii mostly, I guess, due to Global Warming President Obama visiting there.  So, time for yet another deranged man living in a giant palace, telling us we have to stop using CO2 oil/gas and live in Tiny Houses and walk everywhere!  The Pope joins the chorus, ‘We are roasting to death!’

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