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Brits Run Front Page Bush Sr. Sex Scandal!

This news is infuriating.  And it is also very typical news.  I clashed directly with Bush Sr. when I assisted the Chinese students demanding sanctuary for them when he was making a secret deal with the Chinese rulers to ship them home to be punished.  I won that fight!  Well, Bush Sr. was a total monster.  He did black magic.  He robbed graves!  He did lots of dirty stuff, tons of it.  Naturally, the mainstream media loved him…when Trump came along.  For he was also a top Bilderberg conspirator working to destroy the American citizens.  Now, it turns out he also was having sex with his aid just like Clinton and a host of other men.

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Forget Terrorist Attacks By Alien Muslims, Trump Is Super Scary! Screams US Media…


NYT front page is no longer 100% ‘We hate Trump’, now it is ‘We love Muslim immigrants and hate Palestinians in Israel’ and ‘voter fraud by Democrats is a MYTH’ and ‘Can’t Bernie Sanders save Hillary?’


Lots of overseas headlines today due to our media being run by traitors who lie openly about nearly everything or conceal information by not reporting it.  This election is driving them all nuts because there is so manythings to lie about or cover up, they are tearing their hair out trying to figure out how to lure voters into voting for sick Hillary. EXCLUSIVE: Terror suspect was arrested for STABBING but a grand jury let him walk despite cop’s warning he was ‘a danger’ – as it’s revealed he was a deadbeat dad who hated America and gays.

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More Senators Demand Secret Saudi Information About 9/11/1 Be Released

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991 – NOTE THE DAY OF THIS SPEECH.  9/11/91.


One of the most vicious dictatorships on the planet is Saudi Arabia.  Only North Korea can compete in this contest to see who is the nastiest. vThe US is in this huge alliance with this vicious, murderous regime and we are supposed to think of these jihadists as our best buddies.  They attacked us on 9/11.  The only planes allowed to fly, not even Senators could fly their private jets…after 9/11 were the Saudis.  They flew all over the US removing their gang so they couldn’t be questioned about 9/11 and they all disappeared back into their own hell hole in the Middle East.  Since then, all sorts of stories and theories about 9/11 popped up while the truth has been relentlessly classified as a super state secret and even our Senators (so much like ancient Rome when it ceased to be a democracy) can only look at this information after being carefully briefed and cannot repeat what they see, photograph it or anything.

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Vietnam All Over Again: US Retreats From Illegal Wars Turn To Routs

June 13  2014 headlines


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Peering Into The Darkness: Suicides Plague People Seeking The Truth About Our Rulers

chiracaqua mountains Arizona Apache territory

The conspiracy theory community has many quirks.  It is like the Chiricahua Mountains where Geronimo hid.  I grew up playing in the mountains around Tucson and lived on the reservation there off and on due to Kitt Peak activity.  The tragedy of mass death is strewn all over the desert when I was a child, pottery and corn grinding tools dropped here, there and everywhere during the Great Drought 500 years ago.  The dark memories of that desperate time haunt the dreams of the natives of Arizona.  And the harsh life hardened them and the most dispossessed of the tribes were the Apaches.

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Jimmy Carter Talks About Civil Rights While US Media Giants Don’t Listen

AIPAC owns all Presidents except for Jimmy Carter

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act.  I was really happy when it was signed.  I immediately asked to the ACLU to help me sue my school system due to girls being forced to take home economics and forbidden to take shop and auto classes.  By the time the case was won, I was well out of high school but millions of girls got to take these classes.  Jimmy Carter is in the news for once because he gave the keynote speech at the ceremony celebrating the Civil Rights Act.  Normally, our media owners ignore him deliberately because he stood up for Palestinian civil rights, too. Continue reading


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CIA Gloats In JFK Assassination TV Show ‘We Are Keystone Cops, You Know’

CIA chief claims they are stupid

Video: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? | Watch FRONTLINE Online | PBS Video: this film covers many issue concerning Oswald and even mentions the most important point of all, that nearly all of the extensive CIA files on Oswald are classified and that the Warren Commission lawyers couldn’t see them.  The Man above is a CIA big wig who gloats gleefully to the Frontline crew that the CIA is ‘Keystone cops’ and thus, incompetent when it comes to international spy versus spy stuff.

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