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The Cassandra Paradox: The More People Are Warned Of Destruction, The Faster They Run Towards It

Horrible History of Hoch Hall, Kansas University, where I discovered the truth about many things in one horrific and violent night:


In 1967, Hoch Auditorium became the site of a fatal accident when 15-year-old Lorraine Kelvin of Clayton, Missouri fell 64-70 feet from a catwalk while attending the Kansas University Midwestern Music and Arts Camp.[4]
On June 15, 1991, Hoch Auditorium was struck by lightning. The auditorium and stage area were completely destroyed. Only the limestone facade and lobby area were spared.

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History Repeats Itself As US Frantically Evacuates Bagdad Military Embassy

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Oldest representation of the Outerdarkness:  TURKEY: Gobekli Tepe – Eden, Home of the Watchers those darling cosmic vultures (connected directly to the lightning stuff).


History is like a rabid dog chasing its own tail.  Round and round She goes, the Norns of Norse legend weave the past, present and future and see doom of empires, death of gods.  Nothing is new in history, this need to repeat the same story always ends with Götterdammerung for all. Humans can’t help themselves, they must do this, Fate in the form of epic Outerdarkness Vultures insures this.

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