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Whenever Economic And Diplomatic Systems Must Change, Chaos Reigns Until Course Correction Improves Systems

The US Stockmarket is in a panic this last week.  Why is that?  Well, first off, wages are going up.  Now according to the Fed, rising wages=inflation.  So they will raise interest rates to return to the status quo.  Wages of the lowest working class continue to decline.  This translates into ‘women’s wages’ since they are more prone to take these jobs.  Overall, wages up until this month, were falling which is ‘sweet, sweet news’ for Wall Street.  The other factor causing stocks to crash is the SJW/BLM push to turn all forms of entertainment into torture.  So fans of sports, fans of movies, fans of anything are boycotting all systems which is causing financial hell for the virtue leftwing signalers.  Also, our trade partners are freaking out due to forcing them to have more honest trade.  Our roaring trade deficits can’t go on forever!

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After More GOP/DNC Attacks, Trump Strikes Back In Phoenix

LIVE: PROTESTS OUTSIDE President Trump’s RALLY Phoenix Arizona Trump Speech in Arizona 8/22/17 – YouTube


As Order Out of Chaos continues (the slogan of the Real Rulers) the ANTIFA gangs which are bussed all over the country to attack Trump supporters arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, to do the usual violent rioting they have done nonstop all year long.  They are highly emboldened by the GOP/DNC/Fake News machine (aka: the Bilderberg gang) to attack Trump now.  Even yesterday, the head of the Senate GOP attacked Trump AND he also said that ANTIFA has no responsibility for the riots, it is all the fault of patriots…I see seething rage building at the base of the GOP which leaders seem to be at war with their own base now.

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As Trump Works To Replace Warmongering Obama People, Congress Drags Feet And NYT Blames Trump


The New York Times fake news.  Um, the first month of setting up things, there is, by definition, ‘chaos’ if there is also a change in party running the White House.


The insanity of the last 8 years is summed up with this statement: Obama was given a Peace Prize fraudulently and then went on to kill civilians and openly invade various countries.  Get the data: Drone wars: Obama’s covert drone war in numbers: ten times more strikes than Bush.  Obama greatly expanded the number of nations being bombed, too.  Over ten nations are being bombed at this point.


Obama embraced the US drone programme, overseeing more strikes in his first year than Bush carried out during his entire presidency. A total of 563 strikes, largely by drones, targeted Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen during Obama’s two terms, compared to 57 strikes under Bush. Between 384 and 807 civilians were killed in those countries, according to reports logged by the Bureau.


This article isn’t from mainstream news which usually is incredibly stupid or outright propaganda lies. It is from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.  I know many people who still think Obama was ‘peaceful’ and this is due to consuming mainly or only mainstream news.


The use of drones aligned with Obama’s ambition to keep up the war against al Qaeda while extricating the US military from intractable, costly ground wars in the Middle East and Asia. But the targeted killing programme has drawn much criticism.


This did not work!!!  He ceased ‘withdrawing’ and began to increase troops.  And the number of nations needing this increase quadrupled.  He created chaos in Libya and openly attacked Syria, two previously stable countries with near zero terrorists.


The Obama administration has insisted that drone strikes are so “exceptionally surgical and precise” that they pluck off terror suspects while not putting “innocent men, women and children in danger”. This claim has been contested by numerous human rights group. The Bureau’s figures on civilian casualties also demonstrate that this is often not the case.


It is an outright lie.  It was said so he could pretend to be a humanitarian when he isn’t one.  Just for Syria and Libya alone, he should be brought up on war crime charges.  Both Bushes, ditto in spades.    And Mrs. Clinton, too—these people lied to the world while plotting to destroy the more liberal Muslim governments and replace these with crazy hijadis.


The White House released long-awaited figures in July on the number of people killed in drone strikes between January 2009 and the end of 2015, which insiders said was a direct response to pressure from the Bureau and other organisations that collect data. However the US’s estimate of the number of civilians killed – between 64 and 116 – contrasted strongly with the number recorded by the Bureau, which at 380 to 801 was six times higher.


In other words, Obama’s people lied.  They are merely following their bosses lies.  He ordered them to lie.  He embraced their lies.


That figure does not include deaths in active battlefields including Afghanistan – where US air attacks have shot up since Obama withdrew the majority of his troops at the end of 2014. The country has since come under frequent US bombardment, in an unreported war that saw 1,337 weapons dropped last year alone – a 40% rise on 2015.


More and more US soldiers died the longer Obama was in office.  Even this simple fact is hidden from view as the Fake News media publishes these lies with zero investigation.  How embarrassing is this?


Note the Fake New York Times articles on their front page!  Always, when there is a huge party change at the top, there is ‘chaos’ until all the positions are filled.  And the DNC is stonewalling absolutely everything which is stupid so it takes a tad longer to slap them down again.


This is due to being totally unfocused and simply fighting everything like a child with a temper tantrum.


Here is another item for today:

For the last six months, whenever anyone says anything the Fake News people don’t want to hear, they pretend that the feed was broken.  This has happened over and over again.  Note how, after this joke about ‘fake news’ which poor Bernie had to then weakly say, ‘I’m just joking’ they cut the feed anyways only someone in the control booth DIDN’T cut it, they cut the mike!


So we got to see poor Bernie talking about what is going on, why is his mike shut down suddenly and then the flat faced woman without batting an eye says, ‘I think we lost the feed’ and his bewildered face is shoved literally aside and the Fake News bitch remains on screen with a dead eye look that would turn Medusa to stone.


Junior Cuomo gets on CNN to whine about being called ‘Fake News’.  HAHAHA.  These clowns running mainstream media are pathetic.  This is why they and the Silicon Valley despots want to eliminate from online all real news.


There is more to this story, here from London news, the Daily Mail:


So CNN is lying about all this.  What a surprise!  It just so happened right after he made the real joke on fake news.  They have to lie about everything these days.


Any and all attempts at stopping WWIII is being opposed by the mainstream media. This is the Washington Post’s front page story.  The ‘knives are out’ because the neo-nazis who now run the DNC and have run the GOP are dead set against peace with Russia.


These same clowns all belong to the same organization, the Bilderberg gang and the EU conspiracies to keep European people and the US locked in a war against Russia so their own people don’t overthrow these rulers.  Europe is increasingly restive and the native citizens are increasingly terrified of the Muslim invasion and are rapidly moving towards the right to stop this invasion.


And finally, the black schools and communities, after 8 years of Obama, are now nearly totally out of control and riots are spreading, riots that are simply black kids often fighting each other in mobs as chaos takes over everything.  Here is a video about students rioting for no reasons at all, simply because they can.


The black parents who want some order are even saying, ‘We need monitors on the buses because our children can’t sit still.’  That is, all the transportation and in the classrooms business has to be supervised by the police which the parents hate and tell their kids, ‘Cops are bad.’


Ahem.  This chaos is thanks to the Fake News media and black politicians working day and night to make chaos and refuse to see all the warning signs and now this latest generation of grade school children have to be supervised by cops.  The police had to put a violent 6 year old in cuffs, for example, because she was so out of control, her teachers couldn’t cope and they are not allowed to spank children anymore.


Now you need lion tamers with a chair and whip to conduct classes in black schools.  This is insane.  Our media is out of control, our schools are out of control, our wars are out of control.  Why are we bombing women and children in 8 different countries?  And where are the effing ‘Peace Now’ marchers?  I haven’t seen even one for the last 8 years and the last time I did these marches was when Bush Jr. invaded Iraq illegally.


Every possible move Trump makes to undo all this is resisted hysterically.  The fake left is now the warmongering left and they want WWIII with Russia, not detente.


The bold move to stop the confrontations with Russia is being assailed by the Peace Now DNC fakers.  All this is very annoying because people have to look through distorted lenses to justify their fury and anger at Trump.  It borders on insanity.


Since almost all the Hillary voters live in isolation in a handful of cities in the US, they are insulated from any other views due to seeing ‘confirmation bias’ with each other as they consume more and more fake news.  They are certain the world is operating like the way their leaders present it and this is due to not seeing any real news, it is Pravda Time for them all.  And very sad to watch this delusional thinking.


This is why I pull up news from across the planet!  It is life and death…consuming only news put out by one’s own country leads to delusional thinking by its very nature.  I peruse news from Russia, China, Japan, all of Europe, South America, Australia, everywhere, every day.


It is highly important one does this.  And few people do this.





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