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Chechnya Terrorists Assassinated Putin Critic Because He Was ‘A Charlie Hebdo’ Supporter

After our leaders and rulers regurgitated agitprop garbage at Putin yet again, the details of the assassination in Moscow are coming out in full at last and it is all about Muslim fighters attacking liberals not Putin doing this at all.  The assassination was due, according to the killers themselves, Mr. Nemtsov supporting the Charlie Hebdo cartoons!  Conspiracy theorists who hate Putin are trying to figure out some scheme whereby he would hire these guys to do this and then capture them and have them confess so they can be executed: THIS IS INSANE as well as stupid.  Of course, Putin never hired them and they killed other Russia liberals in the past, these being again, blamed on Putin.

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Famous Liberals Make Fools Of Themselves Talking About Police Shooting ‘Every 5 Minutes In NYC’


Both liberals and conservatives exaggerate and say stupid things in order to parade about, freaking out over all sorts of things in public.  This sad parade of fools plagues TV which is why I don’t watch it.  But I do read about it and here is today’s multiple examples of this sort of childishness:  Fran Lebowitz: When Giuliani was mayor an unarmed black man was killed every 5 minutes claims this delusional liberal.  She said, if you do the math, if ‘unarmed blacks’ were shot by the NY police ‘every 5 minutes’ so this meant a quarter million were killed a year.

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Big Explosion In Donetsk Ukraine As Fascists In Kiev Attack With NATO Weapons

Huge explosion at Donetsk chemical plant, military ‘don’t know what they hit’ (VIDEO) as NATO bombs rain down on Russian Ukrainian citizens who were upset about the coup in Kiev that put rank Catholic fascists who worship a WWII Nazi hero, in power.  This religious war is heating up greatly.  And will lead to WWIII because it involves EU leaders deliberately provoking Russia into war as if anyone in Western Europe will survive this looming war!

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‘Piss Christ’ Creator, Serrano, Whines About Free Speech

“Artists must be free to live”: “Piss Christ,” Charlie Hebdo and the dangers of self-censorship is an editorial written by Serrano who made his living ‘shocking’ people with his ‘art’ which was really rather more akin to garbage and junk.  The freedom to hurt people’s feelings is supposed to be this high point in our society and people who are unhappy about vicious, nasty ‘art’ and ‘writing’ are supposed to ‘suck it up and shut up’.  Here is Serrano whining about this:

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High School French Kid Put In Prison This Week For Linking To Charlie Hebdo Parody Cartoon

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 11.51.46 AM


This cartoon enraged the terrorists who murdered the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 11.51.31 AM

THIS parody cartoon showing a member of the Hebdo staff being shot by Muslim terrorists was NOT celebrated by the Bilderberg gang, nor was it held up as a fine example of a meaningful parody (the pen is NOT mightier than the sword, after all) and it is equally violent and offensive as the first cartoon but with one gigantic difference: the poor French high school kid who simply repeated this cartoon online to laugh about it, was arrested, immediately tried with no rigor, just a fast appearance with no lawyer before an angry judge and SENT TO PRISON.

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