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Chechnya Terrorists Assassinated Putin Critic Because He Was ‘A Charlie Hebdo’ Supporter

After our leaders and rulers regurgitated agitprop garbage at Putin yet again, the details of the assassination in Moscow are coming out in full at last and it is all about Muslim fighters attacking liberals not Putin doing this at all.  The assassination was due, according to the killers themselves, Mr. Nemtsov supporting the Charlie Hebdo cartoons!  Conspiracy theorists who hate Putin are trying to figure out some scheme whereby he would hire these guys to do this and then capture them and have them confess so they can be executed: THIS IS INSANE as well as stupid.  Of course, Putin never hired them and they killed other Russia liberals in the past, these being again, blamed on Putin.

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US Leaders And Media Giants Slow To Mention Nemtsov Assassin Arrests

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Most US top media have tried very hard to avoid telling Americans the news that Putin had nothing to do with the assassination of Nemtsov.  Two minutes after I began writing about how the Washington Post was hiding the news, up pops this story: March 8 at 12:37 PM—Russia holds five men from North Caucasus in Nemtsov killing – The Washington Post.  The Post story fixes this embarrassing mess by claiming that Putin created a bad atmosphere and thus, was still responsible.

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NYC Cops Beat, Arrest Muslim Girls And Student Filming Attack: Obama Orchestrates Attack On Shi’ites In Syria

As I predicted, once the corrupt Congress gathered in DC, AIPAC would take over and they would heed their owners and buddies in AIPAC and do something highly unpopular.  People are tired of the wars, tired of being told we have no more money for Americans, tired of suicidal soldiers shoved from one war to the next, tired of the endless howls of rage from the Middle East and the hatred there, meanwhile, our economy is going off yet another cliff thanks mainly to high oil prices.  Now, Saudi Arabia is celebrating this fact which is why they are funding these wars, arming Sunni terrorists just like they did with the 9/11 hijackers.  And especially Chechnyan terrorists, the same who attacked the Boston Marathon.

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Boston Under Martial Law: Total Shutdown Of Major City

Terrorists come in all types.  Religious groups, ethnic groups, political extremes both right and left, anarchists, ecologists, animal lovers, animal haters: the list is long, very long and seems to cover virtually all human positions in the spectrum.  The goal of most societies is to control the populace so that people can go about their business without too much trouble.  And this constantly breaks down.  This happens, in particular, when economic forces wane and people get poorer rather than doing well. Continue reading


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Mad Boston Bombers Chechnya Students Studying In Boston Universities

Terrorism From Far Away Comes to US: Chechnyans bomb marathon

A violent battle with the bomb terrorists has led to the death of an MIT officer and injury to another policeman.  The bomber who died, Tamerian Tsarvaev, 26 years old, blew himself up after throwing bombs at police but his younger brother, Djohar Tsarnaev, 19, is still at large.  Both brothers came to the US with their family many years ago and are here in the US legally.  This is because the US back then, wanted to embarrass Russia and encourage an Islamic uprising there in all the Russian southern tier.  We wanted an uprising and now it is time for a blowback which is to be expected. Continue reading


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As the US goes bankrupt trying to control angry Islamic militants, we have to talk, yet again, about racism, ethnic cleansing and religious bigotry.  The Russian government, like the US, is allowing extremist Islamic rule in once-liberal places like Chechnya and Iraq.  For example, women under Saddam had much greater civil rights than under the US puppet regimes.  Israel is increasing ‘settlers’ on the West Bank while shooting Palestinian farmers dead.  And the racism conference in Durban is being boycotted by our Black President at the behest of racist, ethnic identity Jews. Continue reading


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