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Another Fake ‘Chemical Attack’ In Syria: Excuse For WWIII

ANOTHER False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria! – How This May Lead To Global WAR – YouTube

PIERS MORGAN: The blood of SyriaN children is on Assad’s hands but Trump’s target should be Putin | Daily Mail Online: 


with zero proof, the entire Bilderberg gang media machine systems is in full blow, demanding more war with Russia and Syria.  Not to mention, Turkey will be involved and Iran but Israel wants this so we get this.  The idea is, blowing up the Middle East and Russia and Europe and so forth will SAVE CHILDREN!  Yes, they intend to save kiddies who were being killed by a civil war created by the Bilderberg gang in the first place.

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Saudi Prince Bandar Behind Syria Gas Attacks As Well As 9/11

Galloway antiwar speech in Parliament

George Galloway HEATED Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria. 8/29/2013 – YouTube: a must-watch event.  This is how a debate should run.  In Congress, people make speeches mainly to an empty house.  And calls to have Congress vote on something the Constitution demands are ignored by the fake leaders who are all in cahoots with foreign powers who bribe Congress and control our President via operations like AIPAC or under the table like the Saudi royals.
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