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Obama Continues Reign Of Terror: Vetoes Bill That Would Allow 9/11 Lawsuits


President Obama vetoes bill that would allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia | Daily Mail Online reports.  The two main US papers I use as an example how news is downplayed or eliminated have roaring headlines about nearly everything under the sun including…GODZILLA!  And buried this news in the lower parts of the paper.  Not worthy of front page, big treatment like say, in England where it is one of the top stories today.

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Muslim Terrorist Deliberately Murders Young Children In Munich

45 years ago in Germany, I heard the great singer, Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, sing Kindertotenlieder by Gustaf Mahler…Schiesserei im München vor McDonald’s – YouTube

Did Munich killer lure children to their deaths on Facebook? | Daily Mail Online: I am thoroughly disgusted by this  news.  As a mother and grandmother, this is so unforgivable. Continue reading


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Obama Is Either Psycho Or Stupid, You Pick Which One: The NYT Tells Us How He Sleeps At Night!

Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone – The New York Times has got to be the funniest story ever published by the NYT. And sad, too.  In it, Obama strives to prove to the reporter, Mr. Shear, that he works very, very hard at being ‘President’.  Like Reagan.  Ahem.  He stays up past midnight doing really, really hard work.  For example, it takes him hours to read some emails from citizens and write short computer replies!  Oh, the agony!

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NYT and WP Continue Freaking Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Crash And Burn

Guess Who’s Coming to the 2015 Bilderberg Meeting? – YouTube: Two dudes try to figure out why the Bilderberg meetings are totally secretive and utterly hidden from view.


The New York Times has been pushing Hillary since Day One and has freaked out over the voter revolt against her and only today has admitted that she is doing very poorly as time passes:  Rift Between Key Democratic Factions Could Hurt Turnout is a surprise.  The ‘global warming’ issue is a major force driving the left insane especially during this very cold spring, for example, there is not a peep about this in our mainstream media:  Brrrrr-ing back Spring! New England is covered in a record-breaking seven inches of SNOW, turning it back into a winter-wonderland in mid May according to the news in England.  Yes, it snowed heavily north of where I live, we got a dusting here.  The global warming issue is going to loom large in the coming defeat of the left in Europe and the US as we slide into a nasty la Nina cold cycle.  The left is also clinging hard to the idea that letting in millions of angry Muslim males is a great idea, too.


Big unions threatened to boycott a get-out-the-vote operation unless a wealthy hedge fund manager committed to combating climate change was barred from it.
The building-trades unions view his environmental agenda as a threat to the jobs that can be created through infrastructure projects like new gas pipelines.

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Peering Into The Darkness: Suicides Plague People Seeking The Truth About Our Rulers

chiracaqua mountains Arizona Apache territory

The conspiracy theory community has many quirks.  It is like the Chiricahua Mountains where Geronimo hid.  I grew up playing in the mountains around Tucson and lived on the reservation there off and on due to Kitt Peak activity.  The tragedy of mass death is strewn all over the desert when I was a child, pottery and corn grinding tools dropped here, there and everywhere during the Great Drought 500 years ago.  The dark memories of that desperate time haunt the dreams of the natives of Arizona.  And the harsh life hardened them and the most dispossessed of the tribes were the Apaches.

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Clapper Claims NSA Spying Was ACCIDENTAL Due To Their Stupidity, Also Prisoner X Zygier’s Family Gets Israel Damage Award

The spies of the NSA claim this spying was all ACCIDENTAL!  HAHAHA.  Declassified court documents highlight NSA violations in data collection for surveillance – The Washington Post


The National Security Agency for almost three years searched a massive database of Americans’ phone call records attempting to identify potential terrorists in violation of court-approved privacy rules, and the problem went unfixed because no one at the agency had a full technical understanding of how its system worked, according to new documents and senior government officials


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Saudi Prince Bandar Behind Syria Gas Attacks As Well As 9/11

Galloway antiwar speech in Parliament

George Galloway HEATED Speech British Parliament Debate On Military Action Against Syria. 8/29/2013 – YouTube: a must-watch event.  This is how a debate should run.  In Congress, people make speeches mainly to an empty house.  And calls to have Congress vote on something the Constitution demands are ignored by the fake leaders who are all in cahoots with foreign powers who bribe Congress and control our President via operations like AIPAC or under the table like the Saudi royals.
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