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Fukushima Child Cancer Shooting Upwards As Leaks Rage Out Of Control, Workers Die Slow Deaths

Fukushima City people living in gross nuclear pollution zone

Fukushima Radiation Exceeds Chernobyl Evacuation Levels Across Japan map created by professor Hayakawa shows how bad the radioactive pollution really is.  The pictures above are from Google Street View showing the badly polluted Fukushima City.  The government demanded everyone move back into these zones ignoring the radiation data.

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Russia Selling Off Or Removing US Holdings And Bonds: US/EU Boycott Already Boomerang Bang-up Mess

Fed Custody Holdings Record Decline Fuels Russia Speculation:  Someone big has decided to tip the global money market scales in a big, big way.  I am betting both Russia and China are doing this.  The US has told both that Ukraine and Japan are allowed unilateral declarations of war and the US will back both so…the huge sovereign wealth nations are now going to punish the US and EU.  It is easy: hit either Russia or China in any way with boycotts and seizures of wealth and death and destruction will rain down upon the world’s top sovereign DEBT nations.  That is, the US and UK.  Far from being strong, both are ridiculously weak.  And the people will learn the hard way, hot talk from hot shot idiots leading both debt nations will be punished severely.

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Indonesia Volcano Sinabung Erupts, NYT Has One Side Argument For Nuclear Power To Save Us From Warm Earth

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 6.58.40 PM

Photos Of Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Volcano Are Unbelievable

Nuclear Power Is Crucial to a Zero-Carbon Economy – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com: a ‘debate’ which has ONLY pro-nuclear power people arguing that ‘no one died from nuclear accidents’ (which is a dirty lie) and ‘many people die from coal burning’ (which is true but pointless when coupled with an obvious lie).  The manic push to have us build many nuclear power plants while simultaneously our government is threatening Iran over these same things is how insane things are today.  None of the pro-nuke people have the slightest suggestion about how to fix either Chernobyl or Fukushima both of which have gone full ‘China Syndrome’ on us.

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Fukushima Radiation Levels Rise Relentlessly, Nader Wants Indian Point Antinuclear Power Demonstrations


Indian Point Is New York’s Nuclear Question Mark – NYTimes.com: Ralph Nader is trying to organize a demonstration against this power plant which lies next to one of our biggest cities.  If Fukushima happens here, prevailing winds will cause the pollution to hit quite a few major population centers. We know Tokyo was badly hit by Fukushima but the Japanese government refuses to acknowledge this and the majority of Japanese have congregated there and are helpless about leaving.

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Japan Moves To First Strike Capacity As War Drums Beat Louder In Asia

Japan has right to develop pre-emptive strike capability: defense chief: This is the country of sneak attacks in the past.  Japan has a history of not declaring war but rather, attacking with no warning during negotiations such as the infamous Pearl Harbor attack not to mention the sudden attacks on European colonies in Asia in 1941.  So when Japan announced they will strive for first strike nuclear missile powers, this caused quite a commotion across Asia. Continue reading


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Another hedge fund I wrote about in the past, is bitting the dust.  In July 2007, I used Absolute Return Funds as an iconic symbol of the futility and stupidity of the offshore hedging business.  This is because of the name.  The very name of this hedge fund is fraudulent.  When we look at the history of various failed financial scams, one thing leaps out: how the names chosen are often visible frauds in themselves.  This fund, for example, should have been named ‘Absolutely RISKY Funds’.  


Also, the US is on its maddest, baddest magic money flying piggy bank tear, ever.  During WWII, we printed money but then, backed it by selling ‘war bonds’, not selling this to the Treasury via cycling it through the Fed.  Congress is on a bender here and we will wake up with a massive, epic splitting headache.



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