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Modern Feminists Continue To Lie About Sex Differences: More Chess Sex Stuff! Enjoy!

Jordan B Peterson on Twitter: “Why isn’t the gender gap in death rate attended to as much as the gender gap in pay? 

I appreciate Peterson’s efforts trying to explain the obvious to oblivious leftists.  My own family thinks nothing of my own very dangerous career in construction.  The houses everyone lived in were rebuilt extensively and run by me, the person who ‘knows nothing’ about all this.  Many women love to pretend they know it all while having very little real life experience.  In the EU and US and other ‘first world’ nations, all the dangerous jobs are still falling nearly always upon men, not women.  Meanwhile, women claim, falsely, that they are as smart and strong as the strongest and smartest men while providing zero proof of this in any form.

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Top Australian University Demands All Debate Teams Be 50% ‘Non-cis’ Males

The Cross Examination Debate Association – YouTube


Across the planet in European colonies and Europe itself, in North America including the USA, schools that run debate competitions are setting in stone new rules that force all teams to be 50% female/other sexual orientations than normal males and 24% ‘minority’.  No longer based on skills and merit, the competitions will be based on who you appear to be, not what you can say in a real debate.  All systems for young people are now set on rewarding people based on sex and ethnic identities.

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Evolution And Why Men Are Smarter/Strategic Thinkers Than Women

Alice Through the Looking Glass (1998) – YouTube 

Alice Through the Looking Glass (1973) – YouTubeThis older version is closer to the book.

I can’t let go of the male/female chess business: why women are pretty bad at all the ‘intellectual’ and ‘mechanical’ stuff men do so much easier.  I was an exception to the rule, for example, designing and building houses and doing other ‘men’s jobs’ over the years.  But then, my brain is somewhat different from most women’s thinking systems and indeed, I get along infinitely better with men than women because of this.  Why is this? I always wondered and I know that I am not anywhere near as good as men of the same IQ when it comes to various things like…playing chess.


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Modern Chess Rules Born During War Of Roses Queen Margaret’s Rule

Queen Margaret strikes the Duchess of Gloucester – The Hollow Crown: Episode 1 – BBC Two – YouTube


For some odd reason, I decided to wonder about how chess evolved and why the queen is the strongest piece, by far.  This was due to watching a BBC film about Shakespeare’s Henry VI.  This is when the War of the Roses began and the most fearsome, nettlesome, fighting figure in the beginning of that long war was Queen Margaret who came out of France and who stunned the British nobility with her ferocity.  Was there a connection between her and the way chess is played?  I would suggest, yes, there is.

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Chess Abilities: Russia Has Lots Of This, EU, US Has Less (Except Magnus) , Women Have Much Less Than Men

Screen shot 2015-05-04 at 3.44.09 PM

Putin is a very competent chess player and the Chinese leaders are decent Go players and both play international politics with hostile EU/US rulers who are the Bilderberg gang and this gang of intellectual giants don’t understand deep thinking strategy since they win by being very rich and destroying their own social/economic systems, basically looting it.  Meanwhile, both Russia and China are securing their nations and building something there instead of driving both deep into debt.  Russia Outplays the West


Bloomberg commentator Leonid Bershidsky confirms what we always said would happen: Ukraine is in a bind, Russia holds all the cards, and the Russian economy is bouncing back as Western investors flood back in.


Here is a comment from a reader that I can’t beat:


Muhammad Abbass Vera Gottlieb • 13 hours ago
If they play poker anymore they play it very poorly I’d say. Even if you’re not paying close attention you can see their hand from their faces from the other side of the room. I’d say it is more like a game of snakes and ladders. Snakes crawling about, trying to climb anything that looks like a ladder but failing because they forgot they don’t have any feet.


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Netanyahu, Our Real President, Is At The White House Giving Obama, The Doorman, Marching Orders

Why aren’t the Palestinian people besieging the Knesset, setting up a tent city in the heart of Jerusalem and throwing molotov cocktails at the IDF?  The answer is simple: if any dare even do the smallest demonstration, they will be mercilessly beaten and if they fight back, slaughtered.  With US approval and protection in the UN.  And no European nation would say a peep.  Worse, in the US, if you even have peaceful demonstrations anywhere near the White House or Congress, unless you are a far right wing organization working on getting more power for corporations or AIPAC, you are treated this way: Police arrest dozens of Keystone XL protesters at White House.

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The US board game, ‘Risk’ is all about putting as many ‘bases’ on as many places as possible and then, you win. In most video games today, the business is all about hitting something until it drops.  Getting to the ‘boss battle’.  But there these are more reflexive/luck games.  There is little real tactics or strategy involved.  Not like the  much more rigorous traditional board games, especially Chess and Go.  I love both games and want to discuss them a bit since they are quite interestingly different from each other even though they came out of the same cultural mixes along the ancient Silk Roads from Asia to the Middle East. Continue reading


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