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Territorial Battles Heat Up In Asia Leading To Military WWIII Confrontation

Japan claims Russian territory unilaterally

Is Shinzo Abe’s ‘new nationalism’ a throwback to Japanese imperialism? asks theguardian.com in Britain.  We see from the map above the huge territorial claims made by Japan.  Essentially boxing in all its neighbors and trade rivals, this desperate imperialist power has been losing the economic and social battle and now resorts with 100% US (another dying empire) military power to rule the planet even though both nations are dying in tandem.  The US recently went through this spate of furious political destruction over the issue ‘Does the US have enough money to pay for everything?’ which was answered with a loud, ‘No!’ except…when it comes to wars which our elites want.  Then, the sky is the limit.  And the Japanese know we will pay for their territorial wars.


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