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Hollywood Prostitutes And Rapists Are Very Fearful Of Conservative Supreme Court

Black Magic Fanatic Taylor Swift, Sex Dancer, Demands We Give Her And Her Deranged Female Screamers More Power So They Can Rule Us:  Hollywood, one of the most corrupt places on earth, home way back during WWII of black magic activities which directly hit ME as a child, this haven for Satanic child rapists…is having a major fit of rage due to Kavanaugh making it to the Supreme Court.  Let’s see: ‘child rapists’, ‘black magic’, ‘terrorist threats’…’political corruption/bribes’?  Yes…Hollywood is terrified of Kavanaugh.  So they turned on all their might and main on him showing him very clearly how dangerous these people really are and how they want to win the Kultur Kampf.  To do this, they must destroy families.  In this regard, the black community is a near victory for them: nearly no one gets married anymore.  Now, on to destroy it in all ethnic groups (funny how Chinese who knew of Madame Mao are happily getting married still!).

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Israel Demands More Money And IMF Demands US Fund World Spending

The sequestration of our budget is causing huge waves of anxiety.  Global elite operations like the IMF want the US to continue flooding the world with dollars.  And of course, the issue of Zionism and how it resembles Naziism continues to cause the ethnic cleansers in Israel and their supporters in the US to get hysterical when anyone says this in public.  Turkey’s prime minister is the latest person to bring up the issue.  And will be punished. Continue reading


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