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NY Gov Cuomo Retreats And Stops Quarantine, Democrats Will Be Slaughtered In Election

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Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post: The headlines says it all.  The liberal Democratic governor of NY backed down from his sane quarantine program is retreated to following the useless, ridiculous and utterly failed ‘self-quarantine’ even though not ONE ebola carrier or potential carrier ‘self quarantined’ in the past, every last one of them thought this meant they could travel literally all over the earth and hang out at every possible high population venue, interacting with as many people as possible!


BREAKING NEWS:  hat tip to Jim here in the comments section:  5-year-old boy tested for Ebola in NYC after return from Africa | New York Post: the child had a 103 fever, throwing up, etc, all the symptoms.  And he and his family roamed all over the planet this last week.  Under ‘self supervised’ quarantine at home which is, as always, utterly useless.

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Germany And China To Build ‘New Silk Road’ Through Russia: The New Power Troika

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The US has spied on Germany nearly totally while pretending this is all about ‘Fighting Terror’.  It turns out the US has been doing economic spying on Germany as well as political.  Germany has to pretend this isn’t a big deal because they run a trade surplus with the US and don’t want to rock the boat.  But under the surface, rage is rising.  The US has blundered badly with the NSA spying.  But won’t terminate this stupid activity.  Oh no, not at all.

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My Husband Is In The Hospital, May Need Heart Surgery

My husband had a heart attack yesterday and is now in the hospital. I still intend to post stories here but am also very busy taking care of this crisis. Luckily for us, we have insurance! The US Congress passed the Obamacare bill which was actually the Romneycare bill but this doesn’t stop Republicans from attacking this bill as a bad bill that is difficult for users seeking healthcare.


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Israel Slaps Kerry In Face, State Department Weakly Protests While AIPAC Congress Attacks Obama

It is becoming increasingly obvious that AIPAC runs our foreign affairs totally and completely and it is aimed at driving the US into endless wars so Israel can steal a few more homes, a few more acres of land in the Middle East.  Also, Japan’s rank militarism is increasingly out of control as Japan tries desperately to start a war with China with US connivance.  Egypt’s generals are passing a ‘constitution’ at gun point before crowning General Sissi with US/AIPAC/Saudi connivance.

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