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Category 5 Hurricane School Integration Has Devastated Entire DNC Cities

(100) School Integration: A City Decides – 1956 Educational Documentary – WDTVLIVE42 – YouTube


I stumbled across this video last night.  It was so naive and hopeful, it made me quite sad.  School ‘integration’ has been a total, complete failure.  When a black family entered the White House, they ‘integrated’ their two daughters into a private, nearly totally white/Asian elementary school that was very exclusive, they didn’t send their own liberal daughters to a DNC-run public school!  No sane person wants their children in these DNC-run schools.  I had to flee NYC years ago due to DNC-run schools being physically dangerous for my children even in the lowest grades!  Violent black children were physically attacking teachers and fellow students in first to third grade, driving away all the white/Asian teachers and students!

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