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Zombie Bank Bail Outs

As the US and Israel tightens the screws on the first world economies, the racket from Europe rises as the EU struggles to create ZIRP lending from their main central bank, aping the US and Japan.  Wars create inflation and the US is wracked with inflation in a ZIRP lending situation.  This leads to more wars.  And the ZIRP lending is also screwing up the floating fiat currency system, too.  The gambling games playing FOREX markets and derivative interest rate swap games are making the creation of money more and more wild, more and more detached from economic reality. Continue reading


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EU Solvency II Regulations Drives Crooks To Swiss Protection

ΩΩThe Solvency II laws passed by the EU in 2008 and which are supposed to begin this winter are causing the remaining pirates in the EU to flee to Switzerland, top headquarters for all banking gnomes.  The AIG bail out is riddled with crimes, frauds and schemes and we should arrest everyone involved and especially the heads of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.  This might fix what ails the Federal Reserve, aside from auditing it. But a corrupt Congress blew it again and refused to properly regulate anyone who is a banking crook.  Much less, stop all those pirate coves. Continue reading


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The Derivatives Beast Versus Sovereign Nations

ΩΩThe rot at the top is now destroying the body politic.  I must congratulate Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, a doctor like his dad, for winning his primary election in Kentucky.  There is so stirring of life in our political system which suffers from hardening of the arteries.  The liberal left isn’t nearly as organized as the libertarians so it isn’t hammering away at the base of the Democratic Party.  But that may be next, disillusionment is extremely high on the left.  The right has been thoroughly pissed off for quite a while after Bush betrayed them. Continue reading


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$60+ Trillion In Government Debts Derail World Trade

ΩΩEngland still has no government, negotiations with the fulcrum party, the Liberal Democrats, continues.  The US has a government not that this is doing much good for anyone.  Thoroughly corrupt election systems means little real representation.  China has inflation!  But so does the US and EU as well as even Japan due mostly to higher energy costs which periodically heads towards the summer of 2008 highs.  Stocks shot up world wide with the trillion dollar bailout yesterday but today, world stocks are uncertain but gold goes up due to people’s fears that inflation will rage sometime in the not too distant future. Continue reading


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The Wall Street Swap Swamp

ΩΩThe EU saves the euro from being shattered the same way the US saved our banking system when fundamentals collapsed: via swap tricks and dumping trillions of deals into the public’s lap.  The G7 consortium which previously protected these nations from paying for their own economic mistakes still works…but only via dumping all these messes into the public’s lap.  Also, Zerohedge has an interesting powerpoint presentation about ‘subpenny’ trading on Wall Street which evidently is illegal.  This raises many questions which Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan should answer.   Continue reading


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Citigroup Trader Computer Command Caused Collapse

ΩΩNow we have a bit of an idea, what caused the sudden catastrophic plunge in the US stock market, one that proved very contagious across the entire planet: a Citigroup trader typed in a ‘b’ instead of an ‘m’ when writing an order so a billion trades briefly was shown instead of millions of trades in Procter and Gamble stocks.  Now, this isn’t totally confirmed yet and of course, Citigroup and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange both deny this caused the crash. Continue reading


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Ireland And US Will Be Devoured By Derivatives Beast

ΩΩThe banking mess in the West continues.  It has rather deep roots.  That is, we decapitalized our own banking system long, long ago.  The fix for this was to create a fake banking system with virtually no real capital reserves at all.  This was possible thanks to the floating fiat currency created when Nixon suddenly cut the gold standard back in 1971.  By 1987, the banking collapse was tremendous during a deflationary time that followed a hyperinflation era.  This fix created conditions that caused the near-total collapse in Western banking. Continue reading


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