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Navy Seals Shot Bin Laden Hundreds Of Rounds and EU Elites Claim Kosovo And Crimea Are Not The Same

Navy SEALs ‘took turns dumping HUNDREDS of bullets’ into Osama bin Laden’s body: the raid on bin Laden’s family hideout was totally illegal.  It was a gross violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty.  It was also outright murder as the gunmen sent in as assassins killed innocent people.  There was zero attempt at capturing bin Laden and then to top it all off, the body was illegally disposed of in a criminal fashion.  From top to bottom, this was an action crying out for the International Criminal Court to investigate and arrest the parties involved which included Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

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Russia Selling Off Or Removing US Holdings And Bonds: US/EU Boycott Already Boomerang Bang-up Mess

Fed Custody Holdings Record Decline Fuels Russia Speculation:  Someone big has decided to tip the global money market scales in a big, big way.  I am betting both Russia and China are doing this.  The US has told both that Ukraine and Japan are allowed unilateral declarations of war and the US will back both so…the huge sovereign wealth nations are now going to punish the US and EU.  It is easy: hit either Russia or China in any way with boycotts and seizures of wealth and death and destruction will rain down upon the world’s top sovereign DEBT nations.  That is, the US and UK.  Far from being strong, both are ridiculously weak.  And the people will learn the hard way, hot talk from hot shot idiots leading both debt nations will be punished severely.

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Kerry Issues Ultimatum To Russia Before Any Negotiations: WWIII Is Possible

In classic form, Kerry Issues Ultimatum: Russia Has Until Monday to Abandon Crimea — News from Antiwar.com: either we will have a very stupid WWIII or the US will look stupid after giving up.  The morality of all this is obvious: the double standard under which the US operates has come full circle.  Our utterly illegal invasion of Iraq after forcing Saddam to disarm was never prosecuted.


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