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Another TV Personality, Kelly Osbourne, Is Whipped Mercilessly For Dissing Illegal Aliens Stealing US Jobs

The #1 reason the billionaire gambling boss, Trump, continues to rise in the polls is due to his stance on illegal aliens.  The media owners hammer him endlessly on this issue and after each hammer job, his numbers rise relentlessly.  The attacks on American citizens who mention illegal aliens in any negative way continues in the media with media personalities terrified they might say something to get illegal aliens angry.  This absurd situation is nearly out of control since the media owners control this and have some vested interest in hammering US citizens mercilessly, it will continue.  Earlier this year, the media giants conspired to eliminate the words ‘illegal aliens’ for example.

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Cameron Threatens To Take UK Out Of EU Due To Aliens Invading England

▶ €315 Billion: EU unveils plan to revive its ailing economy – YouTube


The sanctions against Russia are destroying Europe’s economy.  World oil prices are falling which hurts Russia…but also all the US supported Muslim dictatorships in the Middle East.  In England, the political system is blowing up due to EU policies and the banking collapse.  The EU and US press are in a full-blown effort to show that Crimea is very unhappy with Putin’s protection while totally ignoring the savage military attacks on Eastern Ukraine.  This is all part of a huge Xmas package celebrating WWI.  From Bilderberg Santa Claus, our friendly local rulers.

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Klayman Wins NSA Spy Suit So CNN Attacks Him Viciously As US Media Owners Plot More Attacks On Our Freedoms

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Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat: Gallup Poll results this week show that fear and loathing of DC is accelerating after a brief drop due to 9/11.


The US media is in full attack mode trying desperately to convince Americans that spying on everyone will make us all safer and sending this information straight to Israel is a good thing…oops, no, they are busy hiding that vital story!  Anyways, the stunning victory of the ever-feisty  Larry Klayman over Obama in a lower court hearing about the NSA Constitutional violations has sent the domineering internationalist capitalists all in a screaming tizzy.  By the way, Mr. Klayman is Jewish and like myself, has bristled often over the issue of US sovereign rights of citizens.

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Pew Poll Shows US Public Worried About Jobs And Illegal Immigration While Elites Hate US Jobs For Citizens And Want Illegal Labor

PEW poll shows US public wants jobs

The Great Convergence of American Foreign Policy Beliefs: young Mr. Drezner’s analysis of the above data published in Foreign Policy magazine is really silly and his conclusion is, the general public is forming a convergence not flying apart with the Bilderberg elites global power push.  I see the exact opposite and feel this is obvious, there is no convergence at all, the goals and desires of the public are nearly totally at odds with the rich except when it comes to two amazing things: democracy for other people on earth and improving other people’s living standards.


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Rich Lobbyists Change Their Name To Hide Their Bribing Congress

American League of Lobbyists changes name because they need to hide their nefarious activities.  Lobbyists rule DC on behalf of the very rich.  These lobbyists don’t merely visit politicians, they come with money promises which are basically bribes.  They purchase power.  The US citizens have near zero control over foreign policy due to lobbyists working for alien countries.  Our control of the Pentagon has also vanished.  As foreign domination of Congress continues and this emphatically includes international corporations and offshore bankers using the Queen of England’s many islands, our national debt soars as they put everything on our collective credit card.

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